It's a small world after all

I’ve had my iSight for almost a year now but lately it’s been getting a real workout.

Dateline London: Richard buys himself an iSight. He tests it from work by having a video chat with me. I get to see his office.

San Francisco: Dunstan gets an iSight on the same day as Richard. He also puts it through its paces by having a chat with me. Not only do I get to see his apartment, I get to meet Simon Willison who is in town for a web standards world domination gathering. As a regular reader of his many blogs, I felt like a “long time listener, first time caller”.

Sydney: Jeremy Bogan uses his iSight to show me his new-fangled RSS-reading phones.

In return, I can point my iSight out the window and show the world just how miserable the weather has been here in Brighton.

This iChat thing is really taking off (if you decide to follow that link: I am sincerely sorry for the pun).

I’ve also discovered that you can achieve some very trippy effects by pointing an iSight at the same screen on which iChat is running.

a screenshot of iChat

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