Have t-shirt, will travel

I just finished coding an e-commerce site with Message. The Rapha website, selling cycling apparel, has launched just in time for the Tour de France.

It was a fun project to work on and I’m pleased with how the shopping cart functionality turned out. If you’ve ever wanted to spend £130 on a cycling shirt, you can now do so from the comfort of your browser.

If that’s a bit too rich for your taste, might I recommend the official t-shirt of The Session? It’s a relative bargain at $14.95 and it comes in a range of sizes and styles.

I threw the design together quickly last night after reading this discussion requesting just such an item. Now I wish I had done it sooner. Then all of us Session folk could easily recognize each other at the Willie Clancy Summer School in the west of Ireland.

Willie Week, as it is fondly known, is a bacchanalian celebration of traditional Irish music that takes place every year in West Clare. I’m headed there tomorrow and I won’t be back ‘till Thursday. I’ll be flying into Shannon and then making my way to Ennis. After that, I have to figure out the simplest way to get to the somewhat innaccessible town of Miltown Malbay.

When I was planning the trip, I called up the bus station in Ennis to enquire about buses to Miltown Malbay. A woman answered the phone:

"Ennis bus station. Yes?’

"Hi. I’d like to ask about the times of buses to…"

"Hang on a minute: I’ll put you through to enquiries."

There then followed a short burst of bad midi muzak while I was on hold. Then I heard what was clearly the voice of the very same woman:

"Enquiries. Yes?"

Anyway, the up-shot of my enquiries is that, while there are no normally no buses going to Miltown Malbay, during Willie Week there’d be "loads of them".

It’s going to be fun. And, thinking about it, maybe it’s just as well that there won’t be any sort of spotting of Session t-shirts going on. That would be a bit nerdy.

Mind you, it wouldn’t be nearly as nerdy as this vignette from a musician attending a Renassaince Faire in full costume:

"We had some Trek costumed patrons once who walked by our performance and proclaimed "computer, freeze program" so, being the Trek fans we were, we did and started back up again when they announced, "computer, resume program"."

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