The grand alliance

Given the martial tone of some of my recent posts, I’m starting to feel more and more like a warblogger.

This’ll be the last watch-the-skies type linkage about the impending browser apocalypse for now, I promise…

David Temkin attends a workshop on web apps:

"What will stem the XAML tide is an alternative application markup technology that is deployable across the Web, and not specific to Windows. Coming from the W3C viewpoint, this would be a difficult problem to solve considering the realities of what it would take to upgrade the browser and get it installed on everyone’s desktop."

Partly as a result of that same workshop, the WHAT-WG was formed by attending representatives of Mozilla and Opera. Here’s an audio interview with the Gilmour gang about WHAT-WG and more.

Finally, Jon Udell has a chat with some open-source mavens about Longhorn, XAML and Avalon.

That concludes this public service announcement. Go about your business, citizens. Remain vigilant.

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