The do-DOM-DOM-DOM, the do-DOM-DOM

Yesterday was JavaScript day.

Richard and I had the pleasure of delivering a SkillSwap presentation on "JavaScript and the DOM". We’ve been preparing it for a few weeks now. Before the event yesterday, we got together at Richard’s place to combine our notes and examples.

I also had the pleasure of savouring Richard’s cooking: a succelent roasted pork fillet wrapped in Parma ham, garnished with rhubarb and served with organic broccoli and potatoes. Is there no end to this man’s talents?

I wasn’t about to rush a meal like that which explains why I made it to SkillSwap presentation just in the nick of time. I connected my iBook to the projector, activated Salling Clicker and got the show on the road.

It went well. I talked about the history of the DOM, Richard provided a refresher in JavaScript syntax and we both talked through some examples. After that, I explained the concept of unobtrusive JavaScript and we then worked through some more examples of nifty little widgets. I think we managed to put a few lightbulbs above people’s heads and get them thinking of the great possibilities that the DOM offers.

Today is not JavaScript day. Today is Jessica’s birthday. My task for today is to fulfil her every wish, shower her with gifts and take her out to dinner.

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