Brain Lego

Others redesign. I just pile new designs on top of the old.

For a while now, I’ve been meaning to turn my attempted CSS Zen Garden entry into a theme for this site. I finally got ‘round to doing it and I believe it’s ready for prime time:

The Hirnlego theme.

It’s more or less a three-columed layout so it doesn’t look so hot at very small resolutions. At 800x600, the cracks begin to show and some of the image positioning trickery is revealed. If you tend to browse with a very small window, I suggest using one of the other themes instead. Sci-fi perhaps, or maybe a nice simple default layout.

When I originally came up with the design for the CSS Zen Garden, I wrote up the process behind it. I’m still very happy with the design. I think it’s good clean fun.

I hope you like it too. If you don’t, feel free to stick with one of the themes for the site.

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