It’s that time of year again. Brighton is party-central this weekend. Brighton Pride is an annual event celebrating the town—, sorry, city’s gay and lesbian community. It’s Fun with a capital F and it’s make me proud to live here.

Meanwhile in America, the president of Disney has to defend the company for allowing (though not encouraging) Gay Days at its theme parks. In a television interview that was supposed to be about a new computer for kids, a rabid Fox interviewer begins frothing at the mouth because Disney doesn’t actively discourage Gay Days:

“I mean, in June you have ‘Gay Days’ at your theme parks. You got any ‘Gay Days’ on the Mickey computer?”

“Well, this has built into it all kinds of protective devices that protects the kid, or the child from internet sites that a parent wouldn’t deem appropriate. Also, the fact…”

“Well, you don’t protect the kids from ‘Gay Days’ at the theme parks, do you? Why do you have to protect them in the computer?”

“No, we don’t sponsor… we don’t sponsor ‘Gay Days’. You know, we are a company that lets anyone who is willing to pay through our gates.”

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