A gaggle of geeks

This weekend, Brighton was the setting for Geekend 2: Electric Boogaloo.

On Friday night, Jon and Dunstan came to town. Together with the Brighton residents, myself, Jessica, Richard and Andy, we almost had a complete reunion of the Dorset gang (Stuart sadly couldn’t make it). Beer and sushi was consumed and there was much nattering.

On Saturday, the ranks expanded even further with the arrival of Patrick along with Drew, Rachel and the charming Bethany. The day turned out to be gloriously sunny and after a little tour of the North Laine, we all ended up sitting on a terrace overlooking the beach, sipping drinks, soaking up the sun and planning world domination.

Patrick, Drew and Rachel were just down for the day and after our evening meal in a Thai restaurant, they made their way back home.

The next morning, Jon also bid farewell to Brighton. That left just Dunstan as the only non-Brightonian left. He’s heading back to San Francisco tomorrow morning. After that, the fellowship will be sundered and Brighton’s level of genius web developerdom will return to its pre-geekend levels.

It was great while it lasted. It’s always fun, weird and cool to finally meet people in the flesh having known them virtually through their blogs.

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