The waiting game

Hurricane Frances seems to have weakened and slowed down a bit. This is a mixed blessing.

The weakening, now down to category two, is obviously a good thing although it’s still very powerful. The slowing down, from nine miles per hour to just four miles per hour, means that the hurricane is going to take a long time to pass and it’s going to dump a lot of water before it’s done.

The first outlying tendrils of the galaxy-shaped storm have begun to brush us. Windy squalls are whipping up occasionally, giving us a taste of what’s in store.

The beach house is now sealed up with plywood shutters and the waiting continues. The Weather Channel gets tedious after days of continual viewing so I’m going to escape into computer games. Whenever I’m in the States, I make the most of the Sterling/Dollar exchange rate and stock up on Mac games.

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