I've got the power

Praise Jeebus! Electricity has finally been restored to the beach house. It’s good to be back online.

Frances has well and truly finished its trail of destruction. It was responsible for some deaths and structural damage but it wasn’t quite the disaster that was first feared last week.

Oh, and it turns out that those DNS problems yesterday weren’t coincidental. This is from an email from Segment Publishing:

"Our outsourced servers were located in UUNet’s datacentre in Florida, where over two million people have recently lost power or evacuated. As such, once the servers went offline we were unable to get in contact with the provider, or access the servers to bring them back online."

It won’t be happening again though:

"We are now moving all DNS internally, and will be switching everyone over during the course of this week."

As anticipated, my flight back to the UK was cancelled. My apologies to any web agencies in Brighton awaiting my return. Now it looks like I won’t be flying back until Friday.

That is if Hurricane Ivan doesn’t get in the way…

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