Yesterday, I put some new music (ripped from CD) onto my iBook. I then transferred the music onto my iPod. Rather than transfer the same songs from my iBook to my iMac, I thought it would be simpler to plug the iPod into the iMac and transfer the songs from there.

Well, it turns out that I couldn’t do that. While I am allowed transfer my music in one direction, it is forbidden for me to transfer music in the opposite direction.

I guess this is meant to be some sort of anti-piracy measure but I find it hard to picture the circumstances whereby pirates distribute their booty via FireWire rather than peer-to-peer networks.

In the end, I simply copied the files over WiFi from my laptop to my desktop. In future, I’ll be able to avoid any such inconvenience.

iPodDownload is a plug-in for iTunes that allows you to move songs from your computer to your iPod. Really, this is something that should be built into the application by Apple. Instead of being happy that someone has plugged a glaring usability hole in their software, Apple have instead sicced their lawyers onto the developer of the plug-in.

Grab it while you still can.

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