Mobile technology and cocktails

I ventured out of the house yesterday evening to attend an event sponsored by Sussex Enterprise. I was interested in the subject matter of "ebusiness: How can Mobile Technology help your business?" but mostly I was lured by the promise of a free drink in a swanky cocktail bar.

There were a a few geeks, lots of suits and at least one geek in suit’s clothing. Most of the geeks present were doing the actual talking. One of the Loose Connection bods gave an intro to WiFi. Alex Studd posed the question "do you really need an office?" although much of the talk focused on voice over IP. Tom Hume did a show and tell with mobile devices.

Tom’s talk was particulary witty and fun. It was like being at a tupperware party organised by Gizmodo.

I was introduced to some people in the local new media scene including someone from Wired Sussex who said:

"Oh, I recognise your face from your site on the Virtual Festival awards."

It turns out I’ve been nominated in the category of Best Personal Site. If you feel like casting a vote in my favour, by all means go ahead and do so. Although I have to admit that, as Midge Ure once put it, this means nothing to me.

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