The Labour Party Conference is being held in Brighton this week. The area near the conference centre has been surrounded by a "ring of steel" manned by bored police officers pulling twelve hour shifts.

The demonstrations are in full swing. Leading the pack, so to speak, are the pro-hunting lobby The Countryside Alliance. They’re trying to stop a ban on hunting with hounds which they say will put an end to their way of life. That would be a life that involves vicously ripping live animals apart for fun, then.

Ah, I wouldn’t understand. We townsfolk can’t appreciate their country ways. Don’t we realise that you can’t just shoot foxes? They’re impervious to bullets, y’know. No, if it’s not done for sport, it’s just not the same. If they can’t have the pleasure of sadistically torturing small furry animals, then the terrorists have already won.

While Sky News was covering a protest that fitted their niveau, some pro-hunt activists were executing a campaign that would show once for and all that they aren’t the barbarous half-wits everyone takes them for. They dumped dead animals around the town.

Fellow Brighton web developer, Mart Gordon snapped this picture of a dead horse tied to a lamppost near the train station. To drive the point home, a protest sign was left with the horse. The sign wasn’t orginally found next to the carcass: it was found sticking out of it. Talk about flogging a dea…


You can find coverage of the protests in all the major newspapers but if you really want to get the word from the trenches, read these accounts by Brighton bloggers Jamie Freeman and Iestyn Lloyd.

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