Earth shattering

My brother-in-law lives and works in Seattle. That’s his workplace they’re talking about in this article in this Newsweek article about Starbucks.

Earlier this week, everyone at his place of work received an email with a PDF attachment on Volcanic Ash Preparedness. This was prompted by the rumblings that had been emerging from Mount St. Helens. Web traffic for the VolcanoCam has been going through the roof.

Yesterday, the volcano decided to let off some steam. Luckily, the eruption was small enough and Seattle far away enough that little Volcanic Ash Preparedness was required.

Besides, I’m not even sure that my brother-in-law, sports fiend that he is, would even notice. I’m sure he was too busy joining the rest of Seattle in celebrating the new record set by Ichiro, the ridiculously cool and zen-like batter for the Mariners.

You’ve just got to love this over-the-top quote from Sports Illustrated:

"No. 258 for Ichiro Suzuki was like so many others, a little ground ball up the middle. Only this one made history - a hit cheered ‘round the world."

That would presumably be the same "world" defined in the term "World Series" whereby the planet Earth is reduced to the United States, Canada and maybe Japan.

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