Photo journalism

When I wrote an article about my JavaScript Image Gallery and released the code into the wild, I allowed anyone to use the code freely without any attribution. I did ask, however, that anyone using the script drop me a line and point me to where I could see it in action.

Since then I’ve seen some wonderful implementations from pictures of flutes to a multi-page expansion of the script to the front page of the beautiful Twinsparc site.

This week I got an email from a web developer pointing me to what must be my favourite use of the script so far. The Guardian ran a detailed photo record of the lives of five American families in the run-up to the president elections:

"Five photographers from the Documentography collective are living for a week with five very different families in California, Florida, Georgia, Ohio and Texas. Each day we will publish 10 photographs of each family and brief audio clips documenting their daily lives."

The project has wrapped up now that the election is over. What’s left is a fascinating pictorial overview of the intersection between family life and politics.

It’s a great combination of images, words and the web. Needless to say, I’m completely chuffed that my humble script is being used for this project.

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