Go go go

I’ve been busier than a fly on feculence for the last few days.

On Saturday, despite the best efforts of the British railway system, I made it up to London for the Mac Expo. I picked up a nice set of portable iPod speakers and a cute cover for my iMac.

On Sunday, I went to see Mark Lanegan in concert. Support was provided by Nick Oliveri, another erstwhile member of Queens Of The Stone Age, who gave one of the most dreadful performances I’ve seen in a long time. It was like a heavy metal open mic night - the worst of both worlds. Mark Lanegan wasn’t bad though.

On Monday, I was working at Message all day before heading out in the evening with an old pal from Germany.

Today, I’ve been in the studio for eight hours with the rest of Salter Cane putting some vocals over a couple of tracks we recorded last week.

It would be nice to stop now and relax for a bit but that’s a luxury that will have to wait. Jessica and I need to get up early tomorrow to get in a taxi to take us to the bus station so that we can get on a bus to Heathrow where we can get on an aeroplane that will take us across the Atlantic to the airport in Baltimore where a car will whisk us off and take us straight to the wedding rehearsal of our dear friends Dan Brown and Sue Albrecht who will be tying the knot this Saturday.

At some stage during the flight over I hope to find time to catch my breath.

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