Odious Odeon

Remember the kerfuffle about the Accessible Odeon service that Matthew Somerville created so that anyone could check their local cinema listings?

In a nutshell, Odeon decided that money was better spent on getting lawyers to shut down that service rather than investing in actually improving their dreadful website. To be fair, they did eventually tackle the accessibility issue. Unfortunately, they decided to ghettoise people with disabilities by providing "separate but equal" style segregation.

Well, it would appear that the internet views the Odeon site as damage and is routing around it. A new accessible alternate listings site has sprung up. It has also spawned a Perl module so that anyone can build their own accessible cinema listings.

Local developer Stephen Ticehurst has used this Perl module to create an RSS feed of today’s films at the Odeon Brighton. It’s very clever and it’s very useful.

Keep it under your hat though.

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