Another man's tweaks

Pete has made some nifty little additions to his site. He’s added some toggle-able layers for his music and his photos (the Listening and Flickr links, respectively). They’re kind of like Dunstan’s panorama information panel. Very nice.

Dan Cederholm has also been making adjustments to his site. In his case though, it’s been more a process of subtraction:

"I’ve removed the icons from the navigation. The site as a whole was in danger of being consumed by icons. Icons everywhere. So I thought I’d strip down the design, and let it flow around the work, rather than force the work into the design."

He’s right. Now the few icons that are left are nicely distributed and the site feels more tasteful all ‘round.

He’s also added a little widget so that the viewer can toggle between fixed and liquid layouts, which is an excellent addition. The liquid layout isn’t perfect (the negative space between columns doesn’t change as the page is resized) but it’s great to have both options.

If, after visiting Dan’s site, you decide that you really like that shade of blue in his header image, you might want to download a desktop image called October Sky.

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