Gilding the Apple

When Apple released the G5 iMac, I professed my hope that we would soon see some third-party armatures:

"Any alternate stands would have to be finely engineered for balance but I wouldn’t be surprised if some enterprising hardware manufacturer comes out with an armature in the style of the G4 iMac."

A company called Bluebroc have gone one better. They’ve designed an entire sofa around the iMac. That might be a tad extravagant but check out the armature on that thing. It looks very flexible indeed. Maybe they’ll build a sofa-free version.

Meanwhile, the Mac mini, which has only been out for a few weeks, already has a raft of accessories available. Expect more to follow.

If you’re looking for third-party products made with real love and care, the adorable foofbags have the market cornered. Handmade cosies: they’re not just for iPods (or bluetooth dongles).

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