And then, this one time at geek camp...

I’m having an absolute ball here at SXSW. By day, I’m filling up my brain with incredibly useful information and ideas. By night, I’m meeting great people and generally having a fun time.

Yesterday’s speaker schedule had a great one-two punch by Eric and Tantek. They were both talking about microformats and XHTML. It really got my creative juices flowing. In fact, when I should have been paying more attention to a panel called "Building your brand with blogs", I was quickly knocking together a little DOM script to create a Met-roll on the fly.

There’s a lot of creative energy flying around and there’s one point that keeps coming across in all the panels, no matter how technical the subject matter, which is: "it’s all about people". At the end of the CSS panel called "How to be beautiful: more hi-fi design with CSS", Doug related a very powerful and touching story that really drove the point home.

I thought I knew what to expect from this conference but I was wrong. It’s exceeding all my expectations.

The only down-side is that Jessica isn’t here. Still, she was able to vicariously share the geekiness via iSight. Everyone waved hello from Austin to Arizona.

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