Silicon Beach

I’ve just come back from an interesting evening in The Sanctuary which is a cosy little cafe not 30 seconds from where I live.

The evening’s events were organised by Silicon Beach, who basically get all the geeks of Brighton and Hove gathered together in one place to talk about "noo meeja" stuff.

The evening began with a discussion of open source software. The speaker was Tristan Roddis who did a great job of extoling the virtues of Linux, Apache, Perl, PHP and all the other wonderful open source software that make life bearable.

After that, John Worth of WorthMedia shared his experiences of the new media business before the discussion turned to the more technical matters of ISPs and SDSN and other such acronyms.

All in all, it was an enjoyable evening and a nice chance for me to meet some like-minded fellow web folk.

John Worth

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