RSS to hCalender with PHP

Following on from my low-tech solution for displaying links here on my journal, I thought I’d apply the same technique to another RSS feed.

I’m now displaying my Upcoming events in the sidebar. Seeing as this is a list of timed events, it’s the perfect candidate for the hCalendar treatment.

The transformation was pretty straightforward, although I haven’t styled the resultant XHTML in any particular way. There’s just enough information provided in the RSS feed about each event. An end date would be handy, though. I should really look into using the newly released API.

Slowly but surely, I’m beginning to pull in the small pieces of me that are scattered around the web. I’ve reigned in my links and my Upcoming events. Now I just need to reel in my Flickr photographs and the items in my Amazon wishlist.

I am developing a deep and abiding love of Web Services.

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