North to Alaska

Jessica and I are flying to Seattle tomorrow. We’ll spend the weekend with her brother, Jeb, taking in the sights and sounds.

The rest of Jessica’s family are going to meet us there and together, we’re all going to go on a relaxing cruise up to Alaska. Not on one of those big cruise liners, mind. This is going to be a more intimate affair.

I may have to spend half the time in my cabin, hunched over my iBook, doing some unavoidable writing but at least I’ll be getting some Northern exposure.

Speaking of which…

When that show was still running, I used to get mistaken for Ed all the time. Seriously. On a trip to the States, I had three different people tell me, "y’know, you look just like Ed from Northern Exposure".

I wonder if Robert Scoble ever gets mistaken for Philip Seymour Hoffman.

me and Ed, Robert and PSH

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