Ship's log

I’m on the Spirit Of Endeavour, four days out from Seattle.

We’ve been sailing past the coast of British Columbia and we’re just about to reach Alaska. After two solid days of cruising, we’re going to get some shore leave tomorrow when we reach the town of Ketchikan.

I’ve seen some beautiful scenery and wildlife. Yesterday our vessel came close to a pod of feeding orcas.

Amazingly, there is an internet connection on the ship. It’s a satellite connection so it’s horrendously expensive but at least I can download all my spam.

Unfortunately, all web traffic is being routed through some kind of nanny proxy to protect my innocent eyes from indecent websites. For some reason, it doesn’t like Flickr. If I could only have access to one website right now, it would be Flickr. I want to post and tag all these pictures I’ve been taking.

Maybe I can find an internet cafe in Ketchikan. In the meantime, I’ve put together a little gallery right here. I’ll keep adding to it as the trip progresses.

Now it’s time for me to retire to my cabin. This is the Spirit Of Endeavour, signing off.

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