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8" Star Trek Plate Wesley Crusher

Come on, admit it: you’d love to find a commemorative plate of yourself on eBay, bid on it and win.

Stranger In A Strange Land

Here is an excellent article by Christopher Hitchens about "The dismay of an honorable man of the left".

Gorey Movie

Here’s something interesting I stumbled upon while browsing through a bunch of "home movies" that people have posted up at

Driving through the desert

My brother in law, Jeb, left for Colorado yesterday. We drove up to Tucson and dropped him off at the airport.

Sad news from home

I’ve been having a great time here in Arizona, relaxing and enjoying myself.

Happy Christmas

A very happy Christmas, one and all.

La Casita

One of the best things about Sierra Vista, Arizona is its mexican restaurant, La Casita.


This is going to be a very quick entry… I have to rush off in a few moments to the Retired Officer’s Club (should be fun).

Leaving on a jet plane

I’m taking leave of Brighton for a few weeks.

Contacts -> iPod

This is a really clever piece of freeware.

Monty Python and LEGO

Here’s a LEGO version of the Camelot song from Monty Python And The Holy Grail (from the people who brought you the one minute long version of 2001:A Space Odyssey in LEGO).


You have to be a real geek to enjoy this kind of thing. Needless to say, I love it.

The Web Standards Project: Fighting for Standards in our Browsers

The WaSP is bowing out.


There’s a website where you can type in a URL and see the "pornolized" version of any site.

The James Bond Villain Personality Test

Apparently, I’m Francisco Scaramanga.

Birthday girl

Monday was Karin’s birthday. We all went out to a nice Thai restaurant.


Happy Chanukah.

{fray} - the tree

If, like me, you are subscribed to the {fray} mailing list, you’ll have received an email today pointing to a re-run of an old seasonal story - the tree:

Season's Greetings 2001

Lance Arthur has his virtual Christmas card up already.

New iMacs in January?

The rumour mill is churning.

Silicon Beach

I’ve just come back from an interesting evening in The Sanctuary which is a cosy little cafe not 30 seconds from where I live.


I thought I was being a smartypants by posting the Perl source code for decrypting DVDs but this is really clever:


I’m linking to because I can.

"Goner" Worm

Here’s a fairly neutral report on a new worm that’s doing some damage.

A web of visions

I was just over at the BBC website reading this article about Joshua Davis and his inclusion in the current exhibition at the Design Museum.

One of us

Andrew Sullivan has seen the light and I’m not talking about politics.

"It" is here

Here’s what all that fuss was about. "It" has been revealed. "It" is a scooter.

Moby Tour Diary

I just found out recently (thanks to Prentiss Riddle) that Moby keeps an online journal.

The Science Museum

As of today, there is no admission price for the Science Museum or the Natural History Museum.

George Harrison

I heard the news today, oh boy.

Tenant cuts 7ft hole in billboard blocking his window

Talk about intrusive advertising. I don’t understand how the guy managed to put up with having his view blocked by a billboard for over a year. Can anyone blame him for taking a saw to it?

More Anagram Fun

Here’s some more fun from the Modern Humorist: "If poets wrote poems whose titles were anagrams of their names".

Ban on DVD-cracking code upheld

Following up on an earlier post, a court has now ruled that it is illegal for me to write this here:

Walk For Capitalism

I think I’m going to be sick.

Modern Humorist - The Holy Tango of Drama

If playwrights wrote plays whose titles were anagrams of their names…

Vector Lounge

This is one amazing piece of Flash. I’m starting to realise just how much can be accomplished with ActionScript.

New Worm

Every Sunday, I send out an email newsletter for The Session to all the folks who have subscribed to receive it.

Mac Expo

This is my first "remote" posting.

Man who got £250,000 in error says money is his

This is great.

Galileo's Daughter : A Historical Memoir of Science, Faith, and Love

Time for a little book review. I’ve just finished reading "Galileo’s Daughter" by Dava Sobel.

Ice Mold

I smold, you smold, we all smold for ice mold.

The Czars

I went out last night to see a band called The Czars. Actually, I saw two fifths of the band: the singer and guitarist are doing a little mini-tour ‘round England.

Osama's Nuclear Plans Half-Baked

Here’s a tale of the blind leading the blind.

Photoshop: It's All the Rage

This article at Wired is all about Photoshop. Specifically, it’s all about the popularity of "Photoshopping" images for fun, satire or spite.

RSS fever

Time for some more geek talk. I’ve been spending the day playing with RSS feeds on my little portal (again). I was spurred on by an encouraging email I got from Prentiss Riddle, who keeps a great weblog.

The ugly world of PCs

Jessica and I got plenty of exercise today. We walked to the far end of town to look at the wares at PCworld.

Wil, Wesley and the Web

Wesley Crusher was a character in Star Trek: The Next Generation. The character is generally regarded as being the most annoying, obnoxious member of the Enterprise crew.

Drunken rock star assaulted aircraft crew, court told

Peter Buck has been known to behave a bit oddly in the past (he spent most of 1995 getting drunk in his dressing gown). Still, I always thought he was something of a gentle giant at heart.


I spent most of today making tweaks and changes to my little portal.


Some more geeky stuff:

Weblogs.Com: Recently Changed Weblogs

This is really only of interest to the geeky amongst you. I’ve been messing around with my custom made blogging application.

Kaese Spaetzle

Catherine, our drummer, is coming over tomorrow night. Chris and Karin are going to cook up some kaese spaetzle.

Satellite on a shoestring going strong

Nasa could learn a thing or two from the U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association. One month after the clever folks in Maryland launched a satellite built for just $50,000 (instead of the originally anticipated $1,000,000), the satellite shows no sign of deg

Apple Renderings

This is fun: a page of speculative designs for future Macs.

Bonfire night

Last night was bonfire night. In England, November 5th is celebrated in rhyme:

My new scarf

Despite the warmest October since records began, I’m not going to let the nice weather fool me.

The world outside my window

It’s another lovely day in Brighton.

Levitated Daily Source : flash 5 open source modules

This is the kind of site where I can literally spend hours: Levitated Daily Source.

School says Bible permits smacking

The debate surrounding corporal punishment has flared up again here in England.

The Brick Testament

Now, this is what the Internet was made for: Bible stories in Lego form.

Movie industry dealt DVD-cracking blow

This is good news. The infamous DeCSS code is protected under free speech.

Giant Sand

The Giant Sand concert was lots of fun.

One month

It’s the first of November and I’ve been writing my thoughts in this journal for exactly one month now.

Bairin Breac

A quick update to my previous entry: I found a recipe for that cake.


Happy Halloween.

Squier P-Bass Special

There’s nothing quite like getting a new and better musical instrument (except maybe getting a new and better computer).


Jessica and I went to Ireland earlier this year. We spent most of the time in my hometown of Cobh.

A brush with fame

Chris (my upstairs neighbour and bandmate) had an interesting encounter this morning.


Hmm… apparently I’m "Number 5, Goofy robot with life from Short Circuit".

Residence permits and Mac OS X

Today was a good mail day.

Grand Drive

Wednesday is band practice day. It went well today although it was a little short - two hours instead of the usual three.

Apple - iPod

About a week ago, Apple started circulating the news that they were about to release a groundbreaking new product (and it wouldn’t be a Mac).

The Mirror Project | Jeremy Keith | After Dinner

Jessica and I had dinner with Chris and Karin upstairs last night. Jessica cooked up some nice roast vegetables to go with the delicious kaese spaetzle that Karin made.

Oct. 11-12, 2001 Aurora Gallery

Here’s some eyecandy for you: Aurora Borealis on the nights of October 11th and 12th.

Multiculturalism vs. feminism

The situation in Afghanistan has highlighted something of a dilemma for the liberal left - a group I would usually consider myself a part of.

Macromedia claims it owns Adobe patent

This is going from the ridiculous to the sublime.

The Nobel Prize in Physics 2001

I was in the post office a few days ago to get a stamp. I needed to send a card to the States which costs 65p.


Heather Champ and Aaron Straup Cope rule!

United States Patent: 6,304,886

This is the latest in a long line of ridiculously ludicrous software patents.

The Mirror Project

If you’re a regular visitor here, then you’ll probably have noticed something new on the journal page - a random picture from The Mirror Project.

Memories of Maryland

For your viewing pleasure: a gallery of photos from Maryland.

MSN Tech Support

There has been a discussion lately on the Webdesign-L mailing list about the sorry state of customer support these days.

A Call to the Muslims of the World

This is a difficult time for Muslims. How do you seperate your religion from the acts committed in its name?

The roots of conflict

Here’s some more grist for the fundamentalist mill.

Falwell-Robertson-Bin Laden Quiz

This is too perfect.

Is this a Religious War?

The principles of free (usually democratic) societies are *inclusive* in nature: different faiths, different lifestyles, different value systems coexisting in relative peace. There is generally a seperation of Church and State, as well as freedom of speec

Apple - W3C Statement

This is very good news indeed.

240 Miles Up, Seeing Tragedy

There have been a lot of eyewitness accounts of the events of September 11th posted on the web but this has to be the most unusual:

Dan Brown

All that talk of Baltimore has prompted me to do something I’ve meaning to do for a while. I want to direct your attention to the website of my best buddy in Baltimore, Daniel Brown.

The Science Behind the Song Stuck in Your Head

A bouzouki playing researcher (the best kind) is investigating the phenomenon of "cognitive itch". You know: when a song gets completely stuck in your head.

New skin for an old ceremony

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you a brand new skin to wrap around the Adactio website. I give you:

Searching for the Biological Roots of Consciousness

Apple have posted up an article about a fellow named Christof Koch.

New gallery

Two days ago we had very, very windy weather here in Brighton. It whipped the sea up into an impressive cauldron of loud, crashing waves.

Bert and Osama.

You know those posters of Osama Bin Laden that protesters in Bangladesh are waving? Well, the collage of pictures of Bin Laden are culled from many sources including the internet.

American oriole wings its way across Atlantic to Baltimore, Ireland

I remember reading through the Encycolepdia Brittanica as a kid in Ireland and reading that the world’s biggest aquarium was in Baltimore.

The Effects of September 11 on the Leading Search Engine

First Monday have posted an article about how Google responded to the September 11th attacks.

Impress women with Perl

This is just about the cutest story I’ve come across in quite a while. Apparently, the way to a woman’s heart is through Perl.

The Ig Nobel Prize Winners

The envelope please…

The Turing Test

It’s Saturday. That means it’s Guardian reading day.

What Apple Should Do to Increase Marketshare

Here’s an interesting little piece that could put one of those cartoon lightbulbs above Steve Jobs’ head.

Biomorph breeder

Talking about The Blind Watchmaker reminded me of one of the things that’s so fascinating in the book.

First Language Gene Found

Good news for Noam Chomsky. Scientists in England claim to have isolated a gene directly related to language.

National Poetry Day

Today is National Poetry Day in Britain.

Yahoo! Racism!

Prompted by an article written by Derek Powazek at Design For Community, I wrote the following email to Yahoo!’s customer care department:

The two extremes

Since September 11th, I have been voraciously reading news sites, personal weblogs and any other kind of commentary I can find on the web.

My words to the W3C

Here’s the email I wrote to the W3C about the proposed change in licencing practices.

Making Sense of RAND

For anyone who’s confused about the proposed changes at the W3C (and let’s face, the W3C isn’t known for its snappy writing), here’s a handy little article that sums up the issues.

Berners-Lee Says Patents Obstruct An Open Web

More news on yesterday’s post about the W3C and patents.

Tony comes to Brighton

Tony Blair was in Brighton today for the Labour party conference. Here’s the full text of his speech. It’s pretty stirring stuff although mentioning Europe right now smacks a little of opportunism. Overall, a good speech from a great speaker.

The W3C Patent Policy

The World Wide Web Consortium has come under a lot of fire recently for burying a proposal that would allow its recommendations to be released under a fee-paying licence.

Trillion-atom triumph

Nature magazine has an an article about entangling matter on a subatomic scale. Scientists in Denmark have made a breakthrough in the scale of the entanglements.

Whaddya think?

So, here’s the newly relaunched Adactio site. I hope you like it.

Welcome to my world

This is my first entry in my first online journal.