Journal archive: December, 2001


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8" Star Trek Plate Wesley Crusher

Come on, admit it: you’d love to find a commemorative plate of yourself on eBay, bid on it and win.

Stranger In A Strange Land

Here is an excellent article by Christopher Hitchens about "The dismay of an honorable man of the left".

Gorey Movie

Here’s something interesting I stumbled upon while browsing through a bunch of "home movies" that people have posted up at

Driving through the desert

My brother in law, Jeb, left for Colorado yesterday. We drove up to Tucson and dropped him off at the airport.

Sad news from home

I’ve been having a great time here in Arizona, relaxing and enjoying myself.

Happy Christmas

A very happy Christmas, one and all.

La Casita

One of the best things about Sierra Vista, Arizona is its mexican restaurant, La Casita.


This is going to be a very quick entry… I have to rush off in a few moments to the Retired Officer’s Club (should be fun).

Leaving on a jet plane

I’m taking leave of Brighton for a few weeks.

Contacts -> iPod

This is a really clever piece of freeware.

Monty Python and LEGO

Here’s a LEGO version of the Camelot song from Monty Python And The Holy Grail (from the people who brought you the one minute long version of 2001:A Space Odyssey in LEGO).


You have to be a real geek to enjoy this kind of thing. Needless to say, I love it.

The Web Standards Project: Fighting for Standards in our Browsers

The WaSP is bowing out.


There’s a website where you can type in a URL and see the "pornolized" version of any site.

The James Bond Villain Personality Test

Apparently, I’m Francisco Scaramanga.

Birthday girl

Monday was Karin’s birthday. We all went out to a nice Thai restaurant.


Happy Chanukah.

{fray} - the tree

If, like me, you are subscribed to the {fray} mailing list, you’ll have received an email today pointing to a re-run of an old seasonal story - the tree:

Season's Greetings 2001

Lance Arthur has his virtual Christmas card up already.

New iMacs in January?

The rumour mill is churning.

Silicon Beach

I’ve just come back from an interesting evening in The Sanctuary which is a cosy little cafe not 30 seconds from where I live.


I thought I was being a smartypants by posting the Perl source code for decrypting DVDs but this is really clever:


I’m linking to because I can.

"Goner" Worm

Here’s a fairly neutral report on a new worm that’s doing some damage.

A web of visions

I was just over at the BBC website reading this article about Joshua Davis and his inclusion in the current exhibition at the Design Museum.

One of us

Andrew Sullivan has seen the light and I’m not talking about politics.

"It" is here

Here’s what all that fuss was about. "It" has been revealed. "It" is a scooter.

Moby Tour Diary

I just found out recently (thanks to Prentiss Riddle) that Moby keeps an online journal.

The Science Museum

As of today, there is no admission price for the Science Museum or the Natural History Museum.