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West Pier collapses

I leave Brighton for one week and look what happens.

Holiday update

The crisis with the ruby iMac seems to be over. The local Apple centre were able to patch it up, thereby saving Christmas.

Christmas in Cork

I’m in Ireland and I’m having a grand old time.


I’m off to Ireland today.

Hobbits and Macs

Four hobbits gathered ‘round an iMac.


Compare and contrast:


It’s that time of year again when everywhere I look, I see the abbreviation "Xmas".


Steven Levy has written a great article outlining the history of Google and how it has come to dominate life on- and offline.

She Haw

Went to see She Haw. They were great.

Et Tu, Guardian?

If there’s one thing worse than “discrimation” in the sporting world, it’s illitery* in the publishing biz.

Life of Pi

It’s not unusual to see slick interactive websites promoting the latest hollywood movie, but it’s unusual to see a slick interactive site promoting a book.


Here’s an interesting image…

Advent Calendars

Get into the spirit of the season with some online advent calendars.

Celebrity spotting

I just saw Nick Cave buying cheese in the same supermarket where Jessica and I previously spotted Fatboy Slim.

Laura Cantrell

Now that it’s the weekend, you must be asking yourself “Hmmm… I wonder if Jeremy went to see any concerts organised by The Gilded Palace Of Sin at local intimate venue, The Albert?”

Cockney Rhyming Slang

Awright geeezzaa! Here’s a bi’ ov fun. A site that’ll translate whatever yew say in’er dock n’ key rhymin’ slang.

The Advertising Slogan Generator

"Snap! Crackle! Adactio!"


I had the good fortune of seeing Lambchop play just down the street from me on Tuesday night.

West Pier

It’s nice to see The Guardian getting behind the Save Our Seafront campaign - it’s just a shame that they used a picture of the wrong pier.

Puerto Muerto

Another weekend, another concert organised by The Gilded Palace of Sin.

The Session

I’ve had some free time this week and, in typical geek fashion, I’ve been spending it coding PHP.

whoRepresents . .?

That is one unfortunate choice for a domain name.

Jim Roll

I went out on Friday night to see Jim Roll play at a local bar.

MacExpo 2002

The MacExpo was fun. Crowded and noisy, but fun.

MacExpo 2002

I’m off to London to check out the goodies at the MacExpo.

Bringing Entertainment Home

After a long week of staring at code, I finally had some time this weekend to sit back and enjoy my new computer.

Apple Pro Keyboard Redux

I go through keyboards like the Skywalker family goes through hands.


Now that I’m running Jaguar, I decided to download iCal and give it a whirl.


When I got up yesterday morning, Jessica asked me if had dreamt nice dreams.


Even though I already own an iBook, I can’t help giving the newly released models a longing look. Their bang to buck ratio is incredibly high. The bottom of the range model has twice the memory and hard drive capacity of my aging model.

Dark Side Switch Campaign


Adam Greenfield’s website just got even better. It now uses a lean mean combo of XHTML and CSS.

Lost Weekend

It’s been a wild weekend of music.


In anticipation of the arrival of my lovely new iMac with with its 17 inch screen and superdrive, I decided to pre-emptively stock up with some DVDs.

The Pumpkin Queen

Not only does Jessica carve a scary looking Jack O’Lantern, she also makes a mean roasted garlic pumpkin bisque with herb potato dumplings.

PodNews 3: Your iPod's best friend.

What do you get when you take two great things, the iPod and RSS, and combine them? You get PodNews 3.

Despair, Inc.

Are you sick of those "inspirational" posters with pithy sayings presented underneath pictures of cute animanals and/or sweeping landscapes?

Apple - iMac

The deed is done. I just placed an order at the Apple store for a 17 inch iMac.

The Chimera Project

I’ve started surfing the web with a new browser. It’s called Chimera, a Mac OS X browser from Mozilla.

Direct Marketing

Don Henley improves his street cred:

Friday Fun

3D Pong.

West Pier Pictures

Here are some truly excellent pictures of the West Pier here in Brighton.

Transmit 2

I’ve just upgraded to Transmit version 2. Very nice it is, too.

The Han Solo Affair

The funniest piece of Lego animation I’ve seen yet.

RSS Validator

Mark Pilgrim and Sam Ruby have released an RSS validator. This coincides nicely with the fact that I’ve just updated my RSS feed from using version 0.92 to version 1.0.

The ElectriClerk

Remember those wonderfully retro computing devices from Terry Gilliam’s Brazil?

Stop the Patent Process Madness

Wired has published an excellent article by Lauren Weinstein on the ludicrous state of Intellectual Property patents:

The Morning News - The Opposite of Sex and the City

What if Sex and the City had been written by Beckett?…

Guess the Dictator or Sit-Com Character

This is a scarily accurate online version of twenty questions. It didn’t take long for it to guess that I was thinking of Alex P. Keaton from Family Ties.


I’ve just come back from seeing the Canadian singer/songwriter Hayden playing at a local pub. He was rather wonderful.

At the closing of the day

It’s the end of another working week spent with the fine folks over at Metal Dragons working on a site relaunch.

Ryan Adams not amused to be called Bryan

Poor Ryan Adams. I guess the joke has worn very, very thin for him:

Opera Software

Following close on the heels of Wired News, another site has switched over to a valid XHTML/CSS layout.

Salter Cane

If you’d like to hear the fruits of last week’s labours in the studio, the song is now available for download from the band’s website.

Lost in Translation

I bet these guys would have loved to get hold of Jessica’s other domain name.


A beautiful site with some fantastic DHTML widgets to play with.

More Wired News

Following up my last post about the redesign of Wired News, here’s an interview with Douglas Bowman who led the development team.

Wired News: A Site for Your Eyes

Wired News has switched over to an all-out XHTML/CSS layout.



More pierced buildings

I spotted another modified building on my way out of Brighton station yesterday.


The huh? corporation:

Pea throwing

Today, by happy chance, I found myself in Lewes.

Body art meets architecture

Somebody is going around piercing buildings in Brighton & Hove.

Busy, busy, busy

Sorry, can’t stop - people to be, places to meet; no time to blog.

Eric Myer Photography

Fun with faces.

Edward J.Funkuncle

Set aside some time to look through the wonderful Funkuncle website.

Dive Into Mark

Hot on the heels of my blogging anniversary, comes this anniversary from Mark:


I have been blogging now for exactly one year.


Rejoice! For Heather Hamilton is back.


Jessica refuses to believe that JCPenney are actually selling the "Forward Command Post" model in their catalogue:

Viking Kittens

Led Zeppelin’s Immigrant Song as Flash animation. With kittens.

The Mirror Project, Sunday September 15, 4PM

Congratulations, Heather. 10,000 is a lot of pictures.

The Electric Ballroom

It’s been quite a busy week for me.

Apple Pro Keyboard

I had a bit of a hardware crisis last night.

Reading Time

This picture is definitely worth a thousand words.

The Web's future: XHTML 2.0

Here’s a great article over at IBM detailing the changes that are in store for us with XHTML 2.0.

Lee Hazlewood

I went to half a concert last night.

Angry Bed Positions

From the same man that brought you "things my girlfriend and I argue about" comes "angry bed positions".

Would you like some tact with that?

How can we measure the cost of human life? What price freedom?

Orisinal : Morning Sunshine

Here’s a collection of wonderfully cute Flash games for you to while away your time with.

Google Search: Go To Hell

Take note of the first and third results in this google search.

King Henry V

William Shakespeare:

And the winner is...

This website was nominated for an award.


It’s time for a new CSS theme ‘round here.

Cthuugle Ph'nglui Search Fhtagn!

A search engine for all things Lovecraftian.

Guerrilla News Network: S-11 Redux

(Channel) Surfing the Apocalypse.

Ranchero Software: TigerLaunch 1.0b2

Brent Simmons has done it again.

Let's agree to disagree

Compare and contrast…

Mexican singer loses fingers in helicopter accident

Mexican popstar helicopter accident:

Road trips for the wilfully ignorant

You may remember when I told you about the road trip I took in Arizona, I mentioned going to the wonderful Meteor Crater.

The Farmer's Market

There’s a farmer’s market once a month in the centre of Brighton.

New feature

I’ve add an extra little widget to my journal.

The Decline Of Western Magazine Design

An excellent article detailing the homogenisation of magazine covers:

The competitive sport of Cup Stacking

Take a look at this video from a cup stacking contest. It looks like some hollywood CGI effect but it’s actually real time cup stacking:

Answering Machine Greetings

Actual answering machine answers recorded and verified by the world famous International Institute of Answering Machine Answers:

Coudal Partners

Here’s a nice documentary from Coudal looking at the work of designer Andy Mueller.

Topsy Turvy World

This is satire:

Even ICANN are mad at Verisign

Verisign gets a ticking off from ICANN:

Stop me before I paint again

Banksy is a London grafitti artist. This is my favourite painting of his.

BBC + RSS = :-)

Excellent news. The BBC now has RSS feeds.

Featured Freelancer

Catch it while you can. I’m a featured designer this month over at the Freelancer Network.


Miniature cars hit miniature trees.

Cre@teOnline update

Just a quick update to my recent post about the bugs at the Cre@teOnline website.

evolution of type :: v02

MediumBold have put together a wonderful site examining the evolution of type from pictograms on cave walls to Joe Gillespie’s pixel fonts.

Science Fiction Cities

Here’s a nice little gallery of cities from science-fiction films.


I just picked up the most recent copy of Cre@teOnline.

Little Green Hate

I find it interesting that a number of bloggers have been echoing exactly the same sentiments I’ve been feeling about a site called Little Green Footballs.

The Julie Burchill Random Recycler

Regular Guardian readers and residents of Brighton and Hove will enjoy the Julie Burchill Random Recycler:


Feast your eyes on the trailer for "Animatrix". Nine directors create animated stories set in the universe of The Matrix.

Sleeping Giants

One of the niftiest things about going to Arizona is seeing the "airplane graveyards" on the outskirts of Tucson.


Just when you thought there was no such thing as a good reason to use pop-up windows…

This is too cute. Not only is this an online marriage proposal, it’s a great little quicktime movie too.

Evolutionism Propaganda

Here’s an hilarious rant from a creationist nutcase claiming that Apple are not only pushing an "Evolutionist" agenda but that they’re godless commies to boot:

Meteorite hits girl

What are the odds?


Compare and contrast.


A short story by Cory Doctorow of Boing Boing has been published over at Salon.


See if you can spot my ugly mug in amongst this lot.


I was watching the trailer for the new M.Night Shyamalan film "Signs" which led to the website for the film.

Dog fouling

Jessica and I were sitting in the pavilion gardens last week. On our way into the gardens, we passed a sign that listed the rules of conduct.

Sleep the dream!

In honour of National Slackerday 3 here in the UK, I will do no work today.

Cadbury's ad upsets India

This could have come from Adbusters:

Pitching Blogs

Oh, dear. The Public Relations Society of America (that’s marketers to you and I) just don’t get it.

Space sounds

Listen to the sounds of space - black holes, pulsars, the magnetospheres of Jupiter and Ganymede, even Sputnik’s beep - they’re all here.

24 Dreaming

24, the TV series, finished up here in the UK last night. The "real time" hook didn’t quite work on the BBC where each episode lasted 45 minutes thanks to the lack of ads.


I know that this has been ‘blogged everywhere but it really is required viewing:


Well, I finally joined the twenty-first century. I finally got the place fixed up with an ADSL connection.


Take a look at the photo in this PR story from the White House.

Star Trek: Nemesis

Aw… Wil Wheaton isn’t going to be in the next Star Trek movie after all.

The Rambling Amp

Jessica isn’t the only one getting new musical equipment.

Tales of the Plush Cthulhu

"After vigintillions of years plush Cthulhu was loose once more, and ravening for delight. How He slavered and gibbered! And the stuffed animals fled or went mad at the sight of Him."

The Spiders

From E-Sheep comes one of the best comics I’ve read on or off the internet: The Spiders.

Never mind the terrorists, the morons have already won.

Here are a couple of examples of the great job being done by airport security officials in the States.

Private And Public

I like this a lot.

Plustech Walking Technology

That is one cool looking machine. Eco friendly, too.

Why I Hate Star Wars

"I thought it would be funny to go dressed up as Spock".

Free Online Barcode Generator

Ever wondered how your name would look as a bar code?

The Rambling Speaker

Jessica is now the proud owner of a 150 Watt bass speaker.

Robotic Spam Poetry

Ben Brown has created an online poetry generator with a difference. It uses Spam for its source material.

Weebl and Bob

Want Pie now!

Real World Style

CSS layouts, tips, tricks, and techniques.

Milk appeal for pint-sized hedgehogs

The first-day goat’s milk of the female goat who’s just had kids is something we all take for granted but did you know that the same one-day old goat’s milk could save the life of a baby hedgehog?

iPod vs. Sliced Bread

In an attempt to counter the oft-heard claim, The Morning News sets about finding out if the iPod really is the best thing since sliced bread?

rabbit rabbit

Rabbit rabbit.

Adobe Photoshop

I finally slapped down the cash for an upgrade to Photoshop 7.


There’s a great picture of Jessica up at The Mirror Project . It was taken about 39,000 feet above Arizona,

Warchalking TV

I missed seeing this on the telly but the BBC ran a feature on the warchalkers.

More geeky fun with RSS

I’ve been like a kid with a new toy ever since I downloaded NetNewsWire Lite.


I got a nice email from Richard Rutter who has a great blog called Clagnut.

Behind the Typeface: Cooper Black

Here’s a real labour of love. Informative and funny, it’s a look at the history of one typeface: Cooper Black.

NetNewsWire Lite

If you’re using OS X on a Mac, you should check out this great new application from Ranchero.

Band photos

There’s a local "what’s on?" type magazine here in Brighton called The Source. The next issue of The Source is going to run a feature with a passing mention of my band. Fame at last!

iSmell a lawsuit

Compare and contrast.


Time for a quick round-up of some of the books I’ve been reading.

One for the Webmonkeys

Geek that I am, I thought it was the funniest thing ever when I saw this sticker on a black drainpipe.

Digital Star Wars

I’ve been doing some qualatitive analysis this week. Here are the results of my self-sacrificing work (honestly, the things I do for you)…

Ellen Feiss

"One more thing", said Steve Jobs as he wound down his keynote speech at the Mac Expo in New York. "Apple are pleased to announce the start of their new online service called ‘Am I Stoned Or Not?’".

Apple - iMac

Apple have announced a 17" flat panel iMac. I want one.

Family fumes after being booted from plane

A man was kicked off an America West flight from Phoenix because he enquired as to whether the pilots were sober.

US planning to recruit one in 24 Americans as citizen spies

When I first read this article, I thought it was satire.

The sounds of Summer

The trip to Somerset went pretty well.

Goin' up the country

I’m off to Somerset.

Errorwear: embrace your computer problems

This is very geeky but I love these T-shirts by Errorwear.

Miscellanous Jokes

From a page of 145 jokes translated from Russian, I found my new favourite at number 58:

Product placement

Jessica and I went to see Minority Report today.

Road Signs for Vagabond Computer Users

Yay for Ben Hammersley!


I went out on Monday night to see Calexico play.

Jeffrey Zeldman Presents: The Daily Report

Once again, Jeffrey Zeldman takes the words right out of my mouth:


Tom Coates has put together a site detailing the next logical step up from Warchalking.

Irrespective and regardless

Earlier today, sitting in the kitchen, talking with Jessica, I heard myself use the word "irregardless" in conversation.

Bar room fall and the pork chop shoes

The first sentence of this news story is just plain weird.

QDB: Top 50 Quotes

Here are some of the funniest quotes from IM chats.

The Internet Debacle - An Alternative View

Here’s a great article, written by Janis Ian of all people, on what a huge mistake record companies are making in their approach to MP3s.

View my profiles

As I was filling out my details at yet another site today, I began to wonder how many different profiles there are of me out there.

Blood art sucks and bloodsucker art

It’s a bad day for questionable art:


I’m back and I’m tired.

Goodbye, Arizona

My time here in the desert is coming to an end. It’s time for me to head back to beach life.

Donnie Darko

It’s not often that I’ll watch a movie because of a website but that’s exactly what I did after visiting the Donnie Darko website.

.org is a public trust

Be sure to add your support to the proposal to run the .org domain registry as a public trust.


Pamie is back.


When I get back to England, I’m going to have to trip a trip up to London and start looking out for chalkmarks.

iBook redux

Hallelujah! My iBook is fixed.


Disaster strikes!

What a long strange trip it's been

The reason why I haven’t been updating here lately is that I’ve been on the road, wandering, en routard, cruising the highways and exploring the state of Arizona.


It’s a dry summer even by Arizona standards.


The Hoopla debacle goes from bad to worse.

Ice Floes

The view from the airplane.

Ice and sun

I’m in Arizona and it’s hot, hot, hot.

Once more into the breach

I’m out of here… again.

Apple - Switch

It looks like Apple are getting serious about converting the masses.

Accessibility goes mainstream

The New York Times has picked up on the whole accessibilty debate. The site requires free registration before you can read the article.

Letting the side down

I did something two days ago that I’ve never done before in my life. I called up a television station to complain about the content of a programme.

The Bleat

This is unexpected: James Lileks really likes Attack Of The Clones.

Silky smooth

Apple have just released the latest update to OS X and there’s already a nifty little application that activates font smoothing in all Carbon applications.

Mac Jedi

After switching over to using a Mac, the only thing I really missed about using a PC was playing games like Jedi Knight.

eMac - the E is for Everybody

I see that Apple have opened up the eMac to everyone - not just the education sector.

Mirror Project pictures

It’s hard to believe that the weather so nice just a couple of days ago when I took this picture of myself reflected in Jessica’s sunglasses.

Back to normal

I had my moment in the limelight with Salter Cane last night. All in all, it went really well.

What's on in Brighton

If anybody in Brighton is looking for a good evening’s entertainment tonight, head on over to the Hanbury Ballroom.


Happy Birthday to my mother! It’s great to have her here - we can go out and celebrate in style somewhere in Brighton tonight.

Too busy to blog

I’m afraid updates are going to be scarce over the next few days. My mother is here in Brighton for a visit so Jessica and I are showing her the sights.

Glad to be back

Finland was… quiet. I almost wished I had a more stressful lifestyle so that I could appreciate the peace and quiet more. As it was, I was looking at my watch by the end of the weekend.

Hei Hei

I’m taking off for the weekend.

Spamming for spam

Here’s an article, written by an idiot, called "Why I love spam".


10 songs from REM’s album "Reveal" have been re-mixed. You can download the MP3s for free from their website. You can even download artwork for the CD you burn.

This really, REALLY! stank

3 Stench Ridden Days…

Building a Life-size Millennium Falcon

The Online Documentary:


In case you haven’t seen, I’ve been making some changes over at Jessica’s site. In fact, I’ve rebuilt it completely.

Even more Attack Of The Clones

Jessica and I went to see Attack of the Clones again today. Here’s my (spoiler-free) review.

Attack Of The Clones

I saw it. I loved it. I can’t wait to see it again.

Attack of the Clones

I got my days mixed up yesterday. I’ll be seeing Attack Of The Clones sooner than I realised - midnight tonight.

UK awaits Star Wars première

I’ve had my ticket for over a month now and I’ve resisted the urge to turn this journal into one long countdown. Now, though, the excitement is official.

Web services, Weblogs and Wired

Here’s an excellent article in The Guardian by all-round good guy, Ben Hammersley all about web services.

Campaign for Digital Rights - Copy-protected CD information

Just in case anyone thinks my whinging about the "copy-protected" nature of the soundtrack to the new Star Wars film is over the top, I think it’s worth pointing out that these "copy-protected" CDs also won’t play in car st


Here’s a great site I found in my referral logs: Jonathan Macy Biggs. Behold the beautiful design and validating pages!

$95,000 Adventure @

I’ve just finished reading this incredible but true story:

Attack of the 50 foot iMac

If you go down to the centre of Brighton, you’re in for a big surprise.

Salter Cane

It’s time for me to unveil a site I’ve been working on for a while now.

Soundtracks of my tears

Dear Sony Classical,

u l t r a m i c r o s c o p i c

My new favourite ‘blog is Ultramicroscopic.

Google bombing Verisign

The Hoopla debacle still shows no sign of being resolved.

åsa & malin proudly present...

Local Flash heroes Kerb have relaunched their website.

The World According to Student Bloopers

Students say the funniest things:

No Macs need apply

Jessica and I have thinking about getting some of our stuff insured (the computers, musical intruments, etc.). Jessica spent some time today comparing insurance policies online.

Tom Waits

With most of the music industry running scared from the Internet in a moral panic, it’s great to see a record company that embraces the medium and uses it to its full potential.

Petition Decision Derision

At the time of writing this, 997 morons believe this idiocy about The Lord Of The Rings:

May Day - the Real Labor Day

Happy May Day.

The Trash Compactor Debate

On the Implausibility of the Death Star’s Trash Compactor:

Apple - eMac

Apple have released a new computer specifically for the education market - the eMac (the "e" is for education).

NRA Takes Credit for Bush's Win

This report on the NRA’s 131st annual meeting sounds like something from The Onion.


Ah, France. : bootylicious since 2001

Another one bites the dust. Heather Hamilton will no longer be updating her website.

New 'Zouk

A couple of weeks ago, I had little disaster at band practice. My bouzouki took a nasty knock and the socket for the pick-up was completely bashed in.

Kisa Hitlers!

Cats that look like Hitler, past and present.

Herman Miller: Aeron Chairs

This room is starting to look like a little dot com start-up office.

Look, Ma; no wires!

I’ve been trying to get my hands on some airport cards for my Macs for quite some time now. I kept going into the local Apple supplier and pestering them.

Respec' to the Queen Mum

I’ve avoided any mention of the Queen Mother here, mostly because it doesn’t interest me in the slightest.

Can a Windows guy learn to love the Mac? You bet!

Remember I wrote about the ZDNet journalist who was going to switch over to using a Mac for a month?

Kaliber10000 { The Good Vibe Provider }

Good news: K10K is back.

Abston Church of Christ

Amy Hughes has constructed a 75,000 piece LEGO church.

A thousand words

Jeb has posted some pictures of his trip to Europe.

Best domain name ever

www.We Made Out in a Tree and This Old Guy Sat and Watched

Hard times

I’m flattered to be mentioned in the same sentence as Jeffrey Zeldman. Mind you, I am referred to as being "british and poetic", neither of which are quite true.

The grocer's apostrophe

While I was in town earlier today, I spotted these stickers posted up on every available surface.

The Hole In The Wall

Linux Journal has an absolutely fascinating article about an experiment known as "The Hole in The Wall". : : We're Everything to Everybody

Andyco is a frighteningly good parody of a corporate website.


I’m completely outraged by the theft of Apparently, all you need to do is send a fake fax to Network Solutions to have ownership of a domain transfered over to you.

Celebrity Sighting

I’m sick as a dog right now. I’ve got some kind of cold/flu ailment that involves a raspy throat and copious amounts of phlegm.

The Random Masturbation Synonym Generator

Twisting the sheriff and waiting for the posse to come.

The Mirror Project

Needless to say, while I was in Paris, I took the obigatory photograph in the bathroom mirror at the hotel.

City of Love

I’m back from Paris.

Paris in Spring

I’m making a flying visit to Paris this weekend.

Web Designer Builds Home out of Flash

It’s funny because it’s true:

All dressed up

I had a meeting with a potential client on Wednesday. This meeting was going to be a bit more formal than what I’m normally used to.

Diminished Responsibility

Here we go again:

When I Was 12...

I’m doing my first major Flash project right now. It’s going to be a website for my band, Salter Cane.

What's That Site Running?

"We have the way out" by Unisys and Microsoft tells you, in exchange for your email address, why Unix is a bad choice for hosting your website.

Google Technology

I love Google, I really do.

Rabbit rabbit.

Ketchup Packet Bear

Picture an attacking polar bear fashioned out of tomato ketchup packets:

Backwash Blowback

It looks like I owe Starbucks an apology.

iLife is an iBeach

Here’s a cute pixaresque movie of iMacs limbo dancing on an iBeach.


Journeying Electronic Replicant Engineered for Mathematics and Yardwork


I’ve just spent hours trying to figure out what films these invisible people are in.

Paying lip-service to usability

Here’s an article about usability in The Guardian.

New Arrival

Jessica’s iMac arrived yesterday.


I can’t believe the idiotic behaviour of Starbucks.


The movie "Wall Street" is on television right now. The film is set in the year 1985 yet in an early scene a trader makes a reference to the Challenger disaster which happened in 1986.

CNN, CIA, See No Evil

CNN really need to get a fact checker.

Flo Control

Face recognition software is, it’s well known, crap.

Apple - Bluetooth

It wasn’t all bad news from Apple this week. This USB Bluetooth adapter looks very interesting.

iMac Price Hike

It looks like Jessica ordered her iMac just in time.

Ask Netsol

This is too much…

Pong: The Text-Based Game

There are many online emulators of classic arcade games.

Invoice Past Due Letters

Here’s some proactive product placement marketing.

Bodiam Castle pictures

I’ve just spent a nice sunny Sunday at beautiful Bodiam Castle and I’ve got the pictures to prove it.

Which HTML tag are you?

Excellent! I am the <style> tag:

Steak 'n' eggs

I just love this picture:

Booklend: A Lending Library By Post

I like this:

Bush or chimp?

Planet Of The Apes.

Cheese Racing

You know it’s only a matter of time until this is an Olympic sport.

Episode II Teaser Trailer: Clone War

Excuse while I indulge in a moment of geekness.

Cat Hospital starring Frank the Cat

You can keep an eye on the progress of poor Frank the cat who has become something of a celebrity:

Fame at last

Welcome visitors from - have a look ‘round, make yourselves at home.

Creationists in Gateshead

It looks the Bible Belt now extends to England.

Trout Thursday

Only 327 days to go.

Sierra Vista Piracy

Oh dear, oh dear. This is just wrong.

The Big Lebowski Random Quote Generator

Re-live some of the best moments of the Coen Brothers. Random pearls of wisdom from the lips of The Dude and company:


Coffeehouse is a nicely designed site. It’s a place to share and critique poetry.

Text Editor Love

I love BBEdit, too. I’ve never composed a song in its honour, though:

Flashy Accessibility

I attended two of Macromedia’s seminars over the last couple of days.

Bag Tax

It’s about time: a tax on plastic bags is being introduced in Ireland:

Macromedia Unveils Macromedia Flash MX

Flash 6 …sorry… Flash MX is about to be released.

Domesday Book outlives electronic version

The Domesday Book, commissioned by William The Conqueror, is 1016 years old. It is still readable today.

Information Wants to Be Worthless

Here’s a great article by Bruce Sterling who’s going to be speaking at the South by Southwest festival in his native Austin.

Cross-Platform Testing

There’s a new article up at A List Apart on cross-platform testing on the Mac.

The Insidious Virus of Greedy Record Companies

This speech from the grammy awards is far more succinctly summed up by this image.

Thoughtcrime at

This is pretty shocking. Heather Hamilton has lost her job because she keeps an online journal.

Have iPod, Will Secretly Bootleg

I know it’s software piracy but I find this hilarious.

Silicon Beach

I spent yesterday evening in the company of fellow Brightonites of the new-media persuasion.

So long, Spike

The last of the Goon’s, Hove’s own Spike Milligan, has passed away.

Mac OS X Roadshow

Jessica and I spent the day at the Mac OS X Roadshow which came to town today. Overall, it was pretty good.

A Fair Cop

As I pass by the newsagents on the way to my house, I always enjoy trying to make sense of the curt headlines that are posted outside. "Binmen Lorry Chain Protest" for instance.

Web rage hits the internet

This is why it’s important that we build usable, intuitive websites - Web rage:

Quest for an iMac

Seems like I’m not the only one who has had trouble trying to get hold of an iMac for a test-drive.

Bring on the dancing iMacs

According to this list, one of the things to be avoided in any blog is "your Mac fetish".

Ashcroft Invokes Religion In U.S. War on Terrorism

Now America has a faith-based war.

Iran nets another revolt

Ben Hammersley’s article about the internet in Iran has been published in The Guardian. It’s a fascinating read.

Palindromic Timestamp

20:02, 20/02, 2002

The new Jessica

Not content with ordering a Mac, Jessica has also had her hair cut into a lovely bob. She’s also planning to change hair colour.

Untold History : The History of Flash

Who knew? It was Lego that inspired and influenced the development of Flash.


I think it’s high time we had a new CSS theme here to brighten the place up a little.

Mac voyeurs

ZDNet has created a monster.

:: design for chunks ::

Normally, online designer showcases involve various digerati designing functionless splash pages.

New and improved

The eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed a few changes here in the "Journal" section of adactio.

Olympic kid: 7-year-old's invention earns trip to Utah

That is one smart kid:

BBC Winter Olympics 2002 Game

The television is on right now so that Jessica can keep track of what’s happening at the Winter Olympics.

A Canticle for Leibowitz

My reading matter lately seems to consist entirely of classic science fiction books I haven’t read in years. Human Virus Scanner

You can keep your Nortons and your McAfees.

Blog This

Consider it blogged.

Back to school

I just noticed from my referrer logs that this site is listed in the "References" section for a course being taught at Penn State.

Geek Love

Awww… isn’t that cute? Commander Taco proposed to his girlfriend on the front page of Slashdot.

Move Over, BT: He Invented Links

It’s nice to see that most people seem to share my disgust at British Telecom’s spurious patent on hyperlinks which will probably get laughed out of court.

Hefty bill with added insult shocks Telecom customer

This is not the sort of thing you want to see on your ‘phone bill:

The Always Amusing Euphemism Generator

Have some fun winding the pork wristwatch.

The new iMac Animations

Here’s a match made in heaven: Pixar have come up with a couple of animated shorts featuring the new iMac

Examples of abuse of the Apostrophe

The Apostrophe Protection Society presents a rogue’s gallery of snaphots depicting some of the worst offenses against the apostrophe.

Java Spectrum Emulator

This is fantastic!

Furry Fun

I’ve just come back from seeing Monsters Inc.

Nokia XHTML Browser

This is one of the best arguments I’ve seen so far for coding in XHTML-strict.

Stupid Translator

Jessica is going to just love this…

BBC - Radio 4 - The Lord of the Rings

It’s Saturday and that means I get to have my weekly dosage of Tolkien taken aurally.

Axis of Just As Evil

From SatireWire: "Libya, China, Syria form axis of Just As Evil".

Patently Absurd

Here’s a great article by science writer, James Gleick on the ludicrous mess that is the US Patent Office: "Patently Absurd".


Hey, Moby’s favourite episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation is also *my* favourite episode.

Five Finger Fillet

This is fun in a really gross sort of way: "Five Finger Fillet".

Stormy Weather

There’s been quite a bit of nasty weather here in England lately (nastier than usual, that is).

Journalists to be fined for each mistake in February

It’s the James Brown school of journalism.

Deutsche Post

Having lived in Germany for five years, I have experienced one of the most expensive, inept postal service in Europe.

Just a quick update to yesterday’s entry. I was chatting with Ben Hammersley earlier and we had a nice talk about syndicating RSS files.

Online in Iran

I’m making use of a neat feature on my contact page. There’s a bunch of people willing to provide an online status indicator for AIM, ICQ, MSN, Odigo and Yahoo messenger programs.

The bleat, the pretzel and the president

One of my all-time favourite websites is, home to The Institute Of Official Cheer featuring The Gallery Of Regrettable Food, probably the funniest thing I have ever read on or off the web.

On the Internet, Nobody Knows You're a Dog

Jessica has one of those calendars filled with cartoons from The New Yorker.


The time is two minutes past two am, Greenwich Mean Time on the second of February, 2002.

CSS resources

I’ve had a couple of emails from people asking for some good CSS resources. Here are my recommendations:

More tinkering with themes

In a previous entry, I was lamenting the fact that each of my themes relies on two different stylesheets which effectively rules out using an on-the-fly style switcher.


I love my Mac but I don’t think I’m quite ready to compose an entire opus about it.

-={ PaPeR bOaTs }=-

The newest story over at is not only very well written, it has some great photos of Brighton’s wonderful west pier.

Tinkering with the themes

Hopefully, you won’t notice anything different but I’ve been tinkering with the stylesheets for the various themes for the site.

I *heart* Jeffrey Zeldman

Wow! Jeffrey Zeldman likes my site:

What Video Game Character Am I?

I am an Asteroid.

Macromedia gets mean

Oh, dear. I know that it’s a dog-eat-dog world in the WYSIWYG HTML editor market, but Macromedia have just upped the ante.


There’s a very neat little piece of software for Mac OS X called PixelNhance.


This is even better than the real thing: a game of mini-golf in Flash.

Please don't let me be misunderstood

There’s a magazine called "Cre@teOnline" which bills itself as "The Web Designer’s Bible".

LEGODEATH: A Museum of Horrors

More fun with LEGO including "Ages Of Execution" and "Torture Classics".

Mission Statement Generator

This is hilarious and slightly frightening.

The Enron Corporation

So everyone is boo-hooing about Enron’s collapse and how people lost money because the company’s real financial situation wasn’t apparent.

The horseradish challenge

Roll up, roll up, ladies and gentleman. Watch a grown man attempt to eat an entire jar of horseradish in less than 10 minutes.

Space News

Could it be that black holes don’t exist after all? Stephen Hawking may have to rewrite his books.

ICQing Argentina

I just had a nice chat via ICQ with a gentleman from Argentina.

Picture to HTML

This is very nifty.

Have you ever wondered...

…what would happen if you were using the toilet on an airplane and flushed while still seated?

The Mirror Project | Jeremy Keith | In The Black Bunker

There’s a new picture of me up on The Mirror Project. I took the picture yesterday at band practice in the aptly named Black Bunker rehearsal room.

To catch a thief

Here is a fantastic tale of ingenious detective work.

Sheer tastlessness

This banner ad is shocking for two reasons.


I’m impressed.

Book round-up

Seeing as I’ve been issuing film reviews, I thought it would only be fair to go through some of the books I’ve read lately.

Black Hawk Down: Shoot first, don't ask questions afterwards

For anyone planning to see the film "Black Hawk Down", perhaps you should read this article first.

Weird Science

Today was… different.

Jonathan Ive talks design

The Independent has a great interview with Jonathan Ive, the designer of the iMac, the iPod and the iBook.

The Lord of the Rings : The Fellowship Of The Ring

I’m going to chime in pretty late in the day with my thoughts on The Fellowship Of The Ring.

"Google effect" reduces need for many domains

Here’s an upbeat article from Dan Gillmor.

Which Kevin Smith character are you?

Excellent! I am Silent Bob, apparently:

Biz Stone: Wrong Font

Take a look at this picture of a storefront, it’s a great example of how not to choose a font.

Home sweet home

I’m back.

On the road again

The packing is just about all done and I’m ready to return to the somewhat milder climes of dear old Blighty.


I’m back in Arizona after a pleasantly uneventful Alaska Airlines flight.

Apple introduces G4 iMac

I want one.

Music and snow

Now I can check two things off my “must do” list for Seattle.

Pictures of Seattle

Here are some snapshots of Seattle taken over the last couple of days.

Greetings from Seattle

I am now further west than I have ever been in my life.

LSSU's Banished Words 2002

Happy New Year!