Journal archive: January, 2002


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I *heart* Jeffrey Zeldman

Wow! Jeffrey Zeldman likes my site:

What Video Game Character Am I?

I am an Asteroid.

Macromedia gets mean

Oh, dear. I know that it’s a dog-eat-dog world in the WYSIWYG HTML editor market, but Macromedia have just upped the ante.


There’s a very neat little piece of software for Mac OS X called PixelNhance.


This is even better than the real thing: a game of mini-golf in Flash.

Please don't let me be misunderstood

There’s a magazine called "Cre@teOnline" which bills itself as "The Web Designer’s Bible".

LEGODEATH: A Museum of Horrors

More fun with LEGO including "Ages Of Execution" and "Torture Classics".

Mission Statement Generator

This is hilarious and slightly frightening.

The Enron Corporation

So everyone is boo-hooing about Enron’s collapse and how people lost money because the company’s real financial situation wasn’t apparent.

The horseradish challenge

Roll up, roll up, ladies and gentleman. Watch a grown man attempt to eat an entire jar of horseradish in less than 10 minutes.

Space News

Could it be that black holes don’t exist after all? Stephen Hawking may have to rewrite his books.

ICQing Argentina

I just had a nice chat via ICQ with a gentleman from Argentina.

Picture to HTML

This is very nifty.

Have you ever wondered...

…what would happen if you were using the toilet on an airplane and flushed while still seated?

The Mirror Project | Jeremy Keith | In The Black Bunker

There’s a new picture of me up on The Mirror Project. I took the picture yesterday at band practice in the aptly named Black Bunker rehearsal room.

To catch a thief

Here is a fantastic tale of ingenious detective work.

Sheer tastlessness

This banner ad is shocking for two reasons.


I’m impressed.

Book round-up

Seeing as I’ve been issuing film reviews, I thought it would only be fair to go through some of the books I’ve read lately.

Black Hawk Down: Shoot first, don't ask questions afterwards

For anyone planning to see the film "Black Hawk Down", perhaps you should read this article first.

Weird Science

Today was… different.

Jonathan Ive talks design

The Independent has a great interview with Jonathan Ive, the designer of the iMac, the iPod and the iBook.

The Lord of the Rings : The Fellowship Of The Ring

I’m going to chime in pretty late in the day with my thoughts on The Fellowship Of The Ring.

"Google effect" reduces need for many domains

Here’s an upbeat article from Dan Gillmor.

Which Kevin Smith character are you?

Excellent! I am Silent Bob, apparently:

Biz Stone: Wrong Font

Take a look at this picture of a storefront, it’s a great example of how not to choose a font.

Home sweet home

I’m back.

On the road again

The packing is just about all done and I’m ready to return to the somewhat milder climes of dear old Blighty.


I’m back in Arizona after a pleasantly uneventful Alaska Airlines flight.

Apple introduces G4 iMac

I want one.

Music and snow

Now I can check two things off my “must do” list for Seattle.

Pictures of Seattle

Here are some snapshots of Seattle taken over the last couple of days.

Greetings from Seattle

I am now further west than I have ever been in my life.

LSSU's Banished Words 2002

Happy New Year!