Journal archive: March, 2002


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Ketchup Packet Bear

Picture an attacking polar bear fashioned out of tomato ketchup packets:

Backwash Blowback

It looks like I owe Starbucks an apology.

iLife is an iBeach

Here’s a cute pixaresque movie of iMacs limbo dancing on an iBeach.


Journeying Electronic Replicant Engineered for Mathematics and Yardwork


I’ve just spent hours trying to figure out what films these invisible people are in.

Paying lip-service to usability

Here’s an article about usability in The Guardian.

New Arrival

Jessica’s iMac arrived yesterday.


I can’t believe the idiotic behaviour of Starbucks.


The movie "Wall Street" is on television right now. The film is set in the year 1985 yet in an early scene a trader makes a reference to the Challenger disaster which happened in 1986.

CNN, CIA, See No Evil

CNN really need to get a fact checker.

Flo Control

Face recognition software is, it’s well known, crap.

Apple - Bluetooth

It wasn’t all bad news from Apple this week. This USB Bluetooth adapter looks very interesting.

iMac Price Hike

It looks like Jessica ordered her iMac just in time.

Ask Netsol

This is too much…

Pong: The Text-Based Game

There are many online emulators of classic arcade games.

Invoice Past Due Letters

Here’s some proactive product placement marketing.

Bodiam Castle pictures

I’ve just spent a nice sunny Sunday at beautiful Bodiam Castle and I’ve got the pictures to prove it.

Which HTML tag are you?

Excellent! I am the <style> tag:

Steak 'n' eggs

I just love this picture:

Booklend: A Lending Library By Post

I like this:

Bush or chimp?

Planet Of The Apes.

Cheese Racing

You know it’s only a matter of time until this is an Olympic sport.

Episode II Teaser Trailer: Clone War

Excuse while I indulge in a moment of geekness.

Cat Hospital starring Frank the Cat

You can keep an eye on the progress of poor Frank the cat who has become something of a celebrity:

Fame at last

Welcome visitors from - have a look ‘round, make yourselves at home.

Creationists in Gateshead

It looks the Bible Belt now extends to England.

Trout Thursday

Only 327 days to go.

Sierra Vista Piracy

Oh dear, oh dear. This is just wrong.

The Big Lebowski Random Quote Generator

Re-live some of the best moments of the Coen Brothers. Random pearls of wisdom from the lips of The Dude and company:


Coffeehouse is a nicely designed site. It’s a place to share and critique poetry.

Text Editor Love

I love BBEdit, too. I’ve never composed a song in its honour, though:

Flashy Accessibility

I attended two of Macromedia’s seminars over the last couple of days.

Bag Tax

It’s about time: a tax on plastic bags is being introduced in Ireland:

Macromedia Unveils Macromedia Flash MX

Flash 6 …sorry… Flash MX is about to be released.

Domesday Book outlives electronic version

The Domesday Book, commissioned by William The Conqueror, is 1016 years old. It is still readable today.

Information Wants to Be Worthless

Here’s a great article by Bruce Sterling who’s going to be speaking at the South by Southwest festival in his native Austin.

Cross-Platform Testing

There’s a new article up at A List Apart on cross-platform testing on the Mac.