Journal archive: August, 2002


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The Julie Burchill Random Recycler

Regular Guardian readers and residents of Brighton and Hove will enjoy the Julie Burchill Random Recycler:


Feast your eyes on the trailer for "Animatrix". Nine directors create animated stories set in the universe of The Matrix.

Sleeping Giants

One of the niftiest things about going to Arizona is seeing the "airplane graveyards" on the outskirts of Tucson.


Just when you thought there was no such thing as a good reason to use pop-up windows…

This is too cute. Not only is this an online marriage proposal, it’s a great little quicktime movie too.

Evolutionism Propaganda

Here’s an hilarious rant from a creationist nutcase claiming that Apple are not only pushing an "Evolutionist" agenda but that they’re godless commies to boot:

Meteorite hits girl

What are the odds?


Compare and contrast.


A short story by Cory Doctorow of Boing Boing has been published over at Salon.


See if you can spot my ugly mug in amongst this lot.


I was watching the trailer for the new M.Night Shyamalan film "Signs" which led to the website for the film.

Dog fouling

Jessica and I were sitting in the pavilion gardens last week. On our way into the gardens, we passed a sign that listed the rules of conduct.

Sleep the dream!

In honour of National Slackerday 3 here in the UK, I will do no work today.

Cadbury's ad upsets India

This could have come from Adbusters:

Pitching Blogs

Oh, dear. The Public Relations Society of America (that’s marketers to you and I) just don’t get it.

Space sounds

Listen to the sounds of space - black holes, pulsars, the magnetospheres of Jupiter and Ganymede, even Sputnik’s beep - they’re all here.

24 Dreaming

24, the TV series, finished up here in the UK last night. The "real time" hook didn’t quite work on the BBC where each episode lasted 45 minutes thanks to the lack of ads.


I know that this has been ‘blogged everywhere but it really is required viewing:


Well, I finally joined the twenty-first century. I finally got the place fixed up with an ADSL connection.


Take a look at the photo in this PR story from the White House.

Star Trek: Nemesis

Aw… Wil Wheaton isn’t going to be in the next Star Trek movie after all.

The Rambling Amp

Jessica isn’t the only one getting new musical equipment.

Tales of the Plush Cthulhu

"After vigintillions of years plush Cthulhu was loose once more, and ravening for delight. How He slavered and gibbered! And the stuffed animals fled or went mad at the sight of Him."

The Spiders

From E-Sheep comes one of the best comics I’ve read on or off the internet: The Spiders.

Never mind the terrorists, the morons have already won.

Here are a couple of examples of the great job being done by airport security officials in the States.

Private And Public

I like this a lot.

Plustech Walking Technology

That is one cool looking machine. Eco friendly, too.

Why I Hate Star Wars

"I thought it would be funny to go dressed up as Spock".

Free Online Barcode Generator

Ever wondered how your name would look as a bar code?

The Rambling Speaker

Jessica is now the proud owner of a 150 Watt bass speaker.

Robotic Spam Poetry

Ben Brown has created an online poetry generator with a difference. It uses Spam for its source material.

Weebl and Bob

Want Pie now!

Real World Style

CSS layouts, tips, tricks, and techniques.

Milk appeal for pint-sized hedgehogs

The first-day goat’s milk of the female goat who’s just had kids is something we all take for granted but did you know that the same one-day old goat’s milk could save the life of a baby hedgehog?

iPod vs. Sliced Bread

In an attempt to counter the oft-heard claim, The Morning News sets about finding out if the iPod really is the best thing since sliced bread?

rabbit rabbit

Rabbit rabbit.