Journal archive: November, 2002


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The Session

I’ve had some free time this week and, in typical geek fashion, I’ve been spending it coding PHP.

whoRepresents . .?

That is one unfortunate choice for a domain name.

Jim Roll

I went out on Friday night to see Jim Roll play at a local bar.

MacExpo 2002

The MacExpo was fun. Crowded and noisy, but fun.

MacExpo 2002

I’m off to London to check out the goodies at the MacExpo.

Bringing Entertainment Home

After a long week of staring at code, I finally had some time this weekend to sit back and enjoy my new computer.

Apple Pro Keyboard Redux

I go through keyboards like the Skywalker family goes through hands.


Now that I’m running Jaguar, I decided to download iCal and give it a whirl.


When I got up yesterday morning, Jessica asked me if had dreamt nice dreams.


Even though I already own an iBook, I can’t help giving the newly released models a longing look. Their bang to buck ratio is incredibly high. The bottom of the range model has twice the memory and hard drive capacity of my aging model.

Dark Side Switch Campaign


Adam Greenfield’s website just got even better. It now uses a lean mean combo of XHTML and CSS.

Lost Weekend

It’s been a wild weekend of music.


In anticipation of the arrival of my lovely new iMac with with its 17 inch screen and superdrive, I decided to pre-emptively stock up with some DVDs.