Journal archive: December, 2002


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West Pier collapses

I leave Brighton for one week and look what happens.

Holiday update

The crisis with the ruby iMac seems to be over. The local Apple centre were able to patch it up, thereby saving Christmas.

Christmas in Cork

I’m in Ireland and I’m having a grand old time.


I’m off to Ireland today.

Hobbits and Macs

Four hobbits gathered ‘round an iMac.


Compare and contrast:


It’s that time of year again when everywhere I look, I see the abbreviation "Xmas".


Steven Levy has written a great article outlining the history of Google and how it has come to dominate life on- and offline.

She Haw

Went to see She Haw. They were great.

Et Tu, Guardian?

If there’s one thing worse than “discrimation” in the sporting world, it’s illitery* in the publishing biz.

Life of Pi

It’s not unusual to see slick interactive websites promoting the latest hollywood movie, but it’s unusual to see a slick interactive site promoting a book.


Here’s an interesting image…

Advent Calendars

Get into the spirit of the season with some online advent calendars.

Celebrity spotting

I just saw Nick Cave buying cheese in the same supermarket where Jessica and I previously spotted Fatboy Slim.

Laura Cantrell

Now that it’s the weekend, you must be asking yourself “Hmmm… I wonder if Jeremy went to see any concerts organised by The Gilded Palace Of Sin at local intimate venue, The Albert?”

Cockney Rhyming Slang

Awright geeezzaa! Here’s a bi’ ov fun. A site that’ll translate whatever yew say in’er dock n’ key rhymin’ slang.

The Advertising Slogan Generator

"Snap! Crackle! Adactio!"


I had the good fortune of seeing Lambchop play just down the street from me on Tuesday night.

West Pier

It’s nice to see The Guardian getting behind the Save Our Seafront campaign - it’s just a shame that they used a picture of the wrong pier.

Puerto Muerto

Another weekend, another concert organised by The Gilded Palace of Sin.