Journal archive: February, 2003


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Brains of Brighton

We are smart because we are Jedi:

The Horror of Blimps

The story of one man’s encounter with horror itself, made manifest in the form of a radio controlled indoor blimp.


Before I discovered the web (heck, before the web was even invented), I was a busker.

Jeremy the bear

When I was growing up in Ireland, this television programme used to be on.

Happy birthday to me

Today is my birthday, mein Geburtstag, mi cumpleanos, mo bhreathlá.

CSS round-up

It’s been a busy week for Cascading StyleSheets.

Wonderful Days

Earlier this week, I mentioned the trailers for the book Robota.

Voice Box

In some ways, Voice Box is a pretty neat application. It downloads RSS feeds and turns them into sound files that you can save (and even sync to your iPod).

Fun with corporate speak

I sometimes find myself working on websites for typically corporate businesses.

Planes, trains and broadband

This live, literally on-air, description of Lufthansa’s experimental flights with broadband access mirrors my own frustrations with the ludicrous idea of using a pop-up window as a control mechanism:

I wonder...

If there was a fight between Angry Robot and Strong Bad, who would win?

BBC - CNN = 866

Here is the BBC transcript of Hans Blix’s presentation to the UN security council.


Here’s something a little bit different: a trailer for a book.

Cre@teOnline Ce@sesCirculation

The editor of Cre@teOnline explains why the magazine is closing.

Netscape DevEdge Redesigns As Standards Showcase

Eric Meyer and the gang have revamped the Netscape DevEdge site with Cascading Style Sheets.

Jedi Town

I sense a disturbance in The Force. Census data released today shows an unusually high concentration of Jedi in a certain seaside city:

Darwin Day

Happy Darwin Day!

100 stories of unfamous people

Mark Pilgrim has started publishing a series of stories, to number one hundred when they’re all finished.

iChat country

I just had a chat with Jamie from Message where we went from the Pixies to EmmyLou Harris in just a few degrees of separation.


Konfabulator is just about the coolest OS X application I’ve seen in a long while.

Music for the masses

I’m back from a day in London where I enjoyed the closest thing a geek like me is going to get to culture.

Don't talk crazy

I had no idea that I had such a crazed look on my face while I was giving my talk the other night.

He likes it, he likes it

Eric Meyer likes my site:

Palace Pire

Here are those pictures of the Palace Pier burning taken by Jamie over at Message.

Yet another pier disaster

Brighton’s Palace Pier caught fire tonight. It was quite spectacular but luckily nobody was injured.

Public Speaking

It looks like I’m going to be taking part in a talk/discussion/chat type thing tonight at the Sussex Arts Club in Brighton.

Bush Whacked

For those of you who missed the state of the union address, here’s the audio update.

Photoshop Funny

What really happened to the West Pier.

Pattern Recognition

A new book by William Gibson is always a cause for celebration. I’ll grab myself a copy as soon as I’m done with Cryptonomicon.

London kills me

Jessica is very kindly treating me to a day of music in London.

Lone Star

I’m back in Brighton.