Journal archive: March, 2003


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Time (col)lapse

I walked by the the West Pier today. There were still wisps of smoking coming out of the superstructure.

West Pier Fire

I tend to rise late, the lack of a nine-to-five schedule being one of the advantages of life as a freelancer.

iPays my money, iTakes my choice

I’m upgrading my iBook.

Protest Pictures

Jason Kottke has posted up some pictures from a peace march in New York.

Other People's Stories

Set aside some time and read through other people’s stories.

Bush Demands Recount

Now, this is funny:


Making branding more honest. My favourite is the rebranded Google.

By Jingo

A British commander addresses his troops and tells them:

No War On Monaghan

Let us hope that in the fog of war, no bombs intended for Iraq are used to bomb county Monaghan in Ireland.

Uncle Alan

Alan Keith OBE passed away yesterday.


Clutter is an aptly named little OS X application that at first glance appears to be a candidate for PerversionTracker but which, on further investigation, is actually really handy.

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Today is my national holiday.

You don't know from fish

Is it a miracle or is it a rewired Billy Bass?

Build it and they will come

I attended a meeting of fellow Brighton-based geeks and coders yesterday.

CSS tip

Here’s a handy tip from Jeffrey Zeldman, prompted by a question asked at the “CSS: Between the (Style) Sheets” panel that he co-hosted at SXSW: how to preload hover states in CSS rollovers.


You may remember that on my birthday I mentioned that I received of the soundtrack to the movie Avalon.

My glamourous life

The last couple of weeks have been pretty busy for me.

OS X software round-up

This is probably only going to be of interest to fellow mac-heads out there, so if talk of the latest OS X apps puts you to sleep, look away now.

World of Ends

This is one the best articles about the fundamental nature of the internet that I’ve read.

They. They, they, they shine on.

Hidden away on the listings page for the Sussex Arts Club is the regular singer/songwriter Thursday night slot for March 20th.

Call and response

I love it when the web works like this.

Do not adjust your set

The colours really are that vivid.

Celebrity Hair

A transcript of part of an iChat conversation with Jamie over at Message:

Lost in Favicons

In the spirit of practising what I preach when it comes to web standards, I’ve re-written Jessica’s professional site, Lost in Translation, in XHTML strict and CSS.

Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis in Java by Sarah Michelle Geller

Now that Sarah Michelle Geller is leaving Buffy behind her, I hope she will have more time to write books about algorithms and data structures using Java as the implementation tool: