Journal archive: April, 2003


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Acquire, Manage, Listen

So we’re finally starting to see some sanity in the great “music biz vs. the rest of the world” conflict.

About this site

I’ve updated the "About" section of this site to include a new page about this site and how it was made.

On the beach

Oh, dear. Brighton doesn’t fare too well in one man’s mission to rate the beaches of the world:

Design vs. syndication

This site has been getting mentioned in some good company lately.

Design vs. legibility

The Designer is a very pretty looking site that publishes a PDF design magazine.

Sci-fi skin

I’ve been laid up with a nasty cold since yesterday, probably due to the schizophrenic moodswings in the weather lately.

Surfin' Safari

All software development should be this efficient and transparent:


I’ve cobbled together a little WAP version of this journal.

e-Book Review

I was bemused to see that an e-book version of Down And Out In the Magic Kingdom for Microsoft Reader is available for purchase at Amazon.

Netdiver interviews Eric Meyer

This site, along with that of fellow Brightonian Richard Rutter, gets namechecked during an excellent interview with CSS guru, Eric Meyer:

Planes, Trains and Acute Respiratory Syndrome

I had the opportunity yesterday to dine in a very swanky restaurant in the heart of London overlooking Hyde Park.

Hot days, crazy nights

It was a gorgeously hot sunny day today.

Safari Public Beta 2

There’s a new Public Beta of Safari available for download.


I’m the luckiest geek alive.

Gladiator's Stroke Of Genius

There’s a reason for this post’s unusual headline: I’m doing some small scale googlebombing.

Where's my flying car?

Now I know I’m living in the future.

Downloadable fun

A spectacular car chase, bullet time, people flying through the air…

Live from Baghdad

"Men, we have got to find Saddam Hussein."


I finally succumbed and got myself a mobile ‘phone.

One Cool Cucumber

Bleeding ears, stiff upper lip… it must be John Simpson:

Little wireless wonder

I have my new iBook. More importantly, I have extra RAM and an airport card for my new iBook.

Cog movie

Forget Russian Ark; here’s a really impressive one-shot movie.

Nitpicking the news

From the department of redundancy department:


Following Ben and Meg’s lead, I’ve added the nifty IndyJunior Flash app to my "About" section.