Journal archive: May, 2003


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Laptop Land

As promised, I’m blogging wirelessly from Riki Tik’s in the North Laine, Brighton.

Switching lifestyles

Mark Frauenfelder is making another switch.

Gaming for good, not evil

According to recently published research that has geeks the world over rubbing their hands with glee, playing video games may actually be quite beneficial:

Blogging at the BBQ

I’m in a garden in Lewes. The sun has gone down and I’ve just finished eating some barbequed meat surrounded by fellow geeks from the Brighton New Media list. The perfect end to a beautiful sunny day.

Brighton's going wireless

It looks like Brighton is about to get networked, just in time for Summer.

iTunes update

Apple have released an update to iTunes but you might not want to download it just yet.

Cameras are kryptonite to Starbucks

I had no idea when this picture was taken that I was opening myself up to a potential tirade from a Starbucks manager. Lawrence Lessig has the story:

Reloaded Reviewed

Jessica and I went to the cinema today to see The Matrix Reloaded.


Here’s some not-so-mindless fun: a Java emulation of the game of the soon-to-be movie of the television series of the book of the radio series, The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy.


I gave my SkillSwap talk on CSS based design last night. I had been preparing for it for a while which is why my journal entries have been somewhat sporadic of late.

Mackerel Fayre

Arr, there be some strange goings on in Brighton, m’lad. They do say there be a ghost ship riding the waves last last night. Arr!

Client horror stories

I can relate to these tales of terror from the world of web design.

Virtual Festival

Congratulations to Jessica and Richard, both of whom have been shortlisted in the "Best Personal Site and Weblogs" category of the Brighton & Hove Virtual Festival Awards.

And again.

I give up.

West Pier on fire... again.

This is getting ridiculous.

Random New Media Company Generator

I’ve noticed a trend in the naming conventions of local New Media companies (although I’m sure this trend applies beyond the boundaries of Brighton & Hove).

Malkovich, Malkovich

Malkovich this Malkovich.

Same planet, different worlds

English footballer, David Beckham is worth £10.53m.

Accessibility statement

I’ve updated the “About” section of this site to include a brief accessibility statement.

Pynchon on Orwell

Following up on my earlier post about Newspeak, here’s a superb essay by Thomas Pynchon on 1984 which is part of the introduction to a new edition of the book published next week. In it, Pynchon finds hope in the very inclusion of the Newspeak Appen

Obey Day

I feel I must apoligise to American readers for my earlier entreaties for a happy May Day.

Leopold Kraus

Jessica came across the website of a surf-rock band that I used to play with when we were both still living in Freiburg, Germany.

Workers Of The World

Happy May 1st, my fellow working class comrades.