Journal archive: November, 2003


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Pet Stories

There’s a special group story up at {fray} right now called Pet Stories.

Back from Bologna

Bologna was everything I hoped it would be; fascinating, filling and fun.

La Cucina Bolognese

I’ve been quite a busy bee lately, working over at Message with my head full of objects, arrays, functions, queries and other inhabitants of the PHP world.

Sprint CSS

I got a nice email today from a very talented web developer named France Rupert telling me about the newly redesigned Sprint PCS site.

Javascript Strikes Back

While I’m working over at Message, most of work consists of fairly hardcore PHP and MySQL.

Doing the right Flash thing

Joe Gillespie has been handing out the same advice I gave about updating Flash sites to work in the soon-to-be-crippled Internet Explorer (although he neglects the vital <noscript> when describing the JavaScript fix).

Go crazy

If adactio was a ransom note, this is what it would like.

Revolutions Reviewed

I went to see The Matrix Revolutions over the weekend. I enjoyed it. Then again, I enjoyed The Matrix Reloaded so what do I know?

Brave Old World

I find it strange to read an article that I completely and utterly disagree with. It’s like being afforded a glimpse into an alien mind.

Photoshop actions

I’ve put together a new article. It’s basically a rundown of some Photoshop actions I use to create nice photographic effects.


Let this serve as a practical demonstration of the multitudinous uses of the hyperlink.

Less blog, more rock

It looks like I’m going to have to miss the Brighton Bloggers meetup tomorrow night in the Wi-Fi enabled Black Lion pub. There’s a Salter Cane gig happening down at the Freebutt and I have yet to master the art of bilocation.

Oh my God, it's full of rock stars!

All went well with the Salter Cane concert last night. My bout of gastroenteritis had luckily passed by the time the gig rolled ‘round.

Rock'n'roll sickness

This is turning out to be the year of nostalgic concerts. Not only did I get to see Ministry a few months back but on Thursday, Jane’s Addiction came to town as part of the BBC’s "One Live" roadshow (the broadcast is archived for ano