Journal archive: December, 2003


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Game on

I’ve been having a nice relaxing christmas time here in Arizona. The only fly in the holiday ointment is a case of the sniffles I appear to have picked up. I just hope it doesn’t interfere with my ability to taste all the regional southwest go

Al Cow-eda

Here in the States right now the Homeland Security threat level is a warm orange colour which roughly translates to “be afraid, be very afraid… but not completely terrified just yet”.

Merry Christmas

Nollaig Shona dhiabh, Feliz Navidad, Frohe Weinachten, Glaedelig Jul, Buon Natale, Joyeux Noel…

Christmas starts here

I’m in Arizona.

The Return Of The King

I went to see it last night.

Patent madness

Here’s a great piece by Maciej Ceglowski celebrating the scientific achievements of the Wright brothers but decrying the intellectual bankruptcy of the patent system that so obsessed them:

The long debate

It looks like a well-worn chestnut is being resurrected in web design circles (if I may horribly mangle my metaphors).

BBEditing PHP

John Gruber has published what is quite possibly the single most useful Applescript I could wish for: PHP Syntax Checking in BBEdit.

Museum of Middle Earth

Jessica and I went to The Lord Of The Rings exhibition at the Science Museum in London today.

Do I have to draw a picture?

I always feel a little funny when I write here about watching DVDs and other domestic activities. After all, many of you haven’t yet had the opportunity to visit my humble abode (but if you’re ever in the neighbourhood, do drop by).

Primitive Piracy

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been enjoying the extended edition DVD of The Two Towers. I’ve also previously made mention of the fact that I’ve been using my iSight as a webcam.

Flash Fun

Stick these in your fat pipe and smoke ‘em:

We loves it forever

While my days are filled with PHP coding over at Message, I’ve been escaping in the evenings into the world of Middle Earth.

Bad web whuffie

Here’s a message I sent earlier through the contact page at Macoholics:

Renaissance theme

One week ago I was in Bologna. I was walking through cobblestoned streets lined with red-roofed old buildings. Many of the buildings were painted in the typical Renaissance style of yellows, browns and oranges.