Journal archive: January, 2004


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Just plain wrong

Seeing windows apps running on OS X kind of freaks me out but not nearly as much as seeing what this guy did to a G5:


An iChat transcript with my friend Diarmaid who I am supposed to be meeting in Dublin right about now:

iBook blues

It’s the twentieth anniversary of the Mac and my iBook has decided to celebrate by popping its clogs.

The blog entry that wasn't

Things have been very quite here in my online journal lately.


I’m going to have to get my hands on iLife pronto.

Oh, the humanity!

Coca Cola today launched an online music download service that aims to compete with the iTunes Music Store.

Rock'n'roll dreams

It is with a certain glee that I have been forcing friends and colleagues attempt the "spot the head replacement" game with the band pictures I put online.

Shooting the band

I spent the wee hours of last night honing my Photoshop chops.

Geek gossip

Andy has beaten me to the punch on this little exclusive: I found out at work today that my co-worker/employer’s brother, Martin Freeman (of The Office fame) has been cast as Arthur Dent in the upcoming film of The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Ga

And they said it wouldn't last...

Jessica and I yesterday celebrated four years of marriage.


The big announcement at yesterday’s Macworld keynote address was, of course, the much anticipated introduction of mini iPods.


I’m back in Brighton. I’m over the worst of the jet lag and back into the routine of work, band practice and wet weather.

See you on the beach

My holiday time here in Arizona is coming to an end.

The Return Of The Return Of The King

I’ve just come back from seeing The Return Of The King for the second time.