Journal archive: March, 2004


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The end of the end of the day

I concur:

Content management

It has been quiet around here lately, hasn’t it?


I recently completed my first submission for the CSS Zen Garden. It’s called Hirnlego.

Airline madness

I’ve been comparing air fares recently in anticipation of a possible trip to Ireland.


How cool is this?…

Design nourishment

If you’re looking for some stimuli to get the creative juices flowing, look no further than the fantastic Lightboxing organised every month by Veer.

Tour Guide

My friend Diarmaid has been over visiting from Ireland for the past few days.

Movie shorts

Here are a couple of amusing little films to close the end of the working week:

Project Miroir

I have a new picture up on The Mirror Project that was taken in Paris last weekend.

Springcleaning Stylesheets

I’ve been updating the stylesheets ‘round here. If things look a little screwy, please do adjust your set: refresh until things settle down.

We'll always have Paris

I’m back from my weekend in Paris.

Paris in the Springtime

When I was in Arizona at Christmas time, the focal point of the seasonal celebration was the exchanging of gifts around the Christmas tree.

Going to the movies

Being Oscar season, this is normally the time for looking back at the films of the past year, singling out the best for praise and the worst for derision.

There and back again

I’m back in Brighton after a jolly jaunt in the countryside experiencing Dunstan Orchard’s non-digital social networking experiment. His hospitality was second to none.