Journal archive: December, 2004


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Home for the holidays

I’m off to greener pastures. In fact, the pastures don’t get much greener than where I’m headed. I’m going to spend Christmas and New Year’s in Ireland.

Just my type

I made a trip up to London today. I just happened to be in the vicinity of Regent Street so I popped into the new Apple store. It’s quite a stunning shop and I was, needless to say, in my element.

Customer feedback


Man brands band with slap-dash Flash

Everybody and their dog has been linking to a blog post entitled “five mistakes that band and label sites make”.

Another man's tweaks

Pete has made some nifty little additions to his site. He’s added some toggle-able layers for his music and his photos (the Listening and Flickr links, respectively). They’re kind of like Dunstan’s panorama information panel. Very nice.

Word to the wise

For a long time I’ve resisted using Microsoft’s ubiquitous word-processing software. Recently however, circumstances dictated that I simply had to get a copy of Word.

Odious Odeon

Remember the kerfuffle about the Accessible Odeon service that Matthew Somerville created so that anyone could check their local cinema listings?

Back from Baltimore

I’m back in Brighton after a fairly short and painless jet-stream aided journey from Baltimore.