Journal archive: March, 2005


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Truncated iChat status mess

iChat is a nice little application, one that I find myself using more and more each day.

RSS to hCalender with PHP

Following on from my low-tech solution for displaying links here on my journal, I thought I’d apply the same technique to another RSS feed.

Quote of the day

Jeff Veen hits the nail on the head with this straightforward observation:

Small change

I’ve made a couple of small tweaks to my humble journal.


I really like the design of Absenter. It’s a photography site where the photographs take centre-stage.

Where's Durstan?

It was Andy’s idea.

Going up

My latest submission to the Mirror Project does quite a job at capturing the spirit of South by SouthWest.

What's hot in Austin

Plenty of people have been writing about the contents of individual panels and presentations from South by SouthWest. I thought it might be interesting to give a broader overview and take a look at some recurring themes.

Split personality

I realised something while I was at South by SouthWest: I’m an online introvert.


I’m back in Brighton. At least, my body is back in Brighton. I would appear to have left a good proportion of my heart in Austin, Texas.

And then, this one time at geek camp...

I’m having an absolute ball here at SXSW. By day, I’m filling up my brain with incredibly useful information and ideas. By night, I’m meeting great people and generally having a fun time.

Trial by fire

‘Tis done. Andy and I delivered our banter to a room full of unsuspecting South by SouthWest attendees yesterday. You can look through the slides if you like.

Austin update

I’ve arrived in Austin. The South by SouthWest festival hasn’t started yet and I’m already having a great time meeting some wonderful people.

Perfect timing

Just in time for South by SouthWest, the Washington post has published an article called “Texas Eat ‘Em” about barbecue in the Lone Star State:

Obligatory SxSW blather

The RSS-o-sphere is fairly humming with postings from bloggers announcing their imminent departure for Austin, Texas. Who am I to buck the trend?

On procrastination

The other day, Jessica said:

Progressive enhancement with Ajax

The excitement over Ajax shows no signs of dying down anytime soon. The Man In Blue has weighed in with his thoughts on the matter: