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Christmas in Brighton

My first ever UK Christmas.

And debate goes on

Civilised discourse on icons and data formats.

Life streams and Jaiku

A few of the things I’ve been writing about recently come together.

Today on 24 Ways

Drew has published a little article by me on his advent calendar.


A hit parade of throwaway remarks.

The language of accessibility

The power of language and semantics.

Bienen fliegen

An awards ceremony that means a damn.


I feel like I’m in a Wim Wenders film.

Flash On The Beach: day two

Good stuff from start to finish.

Ajax On The Beach

My talk at Flash On The Beach is over.

Flash On The Beach: day one

Art, code and business on one bill.

Northwest passage

Think you can’t afford to come to Web Directions North? Think again.

Museum piece

A roundup of resources tangentially related to museums and semantics.


Discussing the meaning of meaning.

Fact eats fiction

Two novels, connected by prescience.

Flash on the beach

Brighton plays host to an unmissable Flash conference.


Product placement in 17th Century Dutch art.

More thoughts on portable social networks

The Web is about distribution, not centralisation.

Typographical tip for hCalendar

The en dash is your friend.

Casino Royale

Bond begins.


The minor explosion of a social network.

To Cape Canaveral… and beyond!

I went behind the curtain at the Kennedy Space Center.


Wrapping up Refresh Orlando 2006.


I delivered my spiel on microformats.

Or Land O

Live from Florida.

The heart of Midlothian

A weekend break in Scotland.

Put your money where Joe Clark’s mouth is

Joe finds me patronising.

Streaming my life away

Squishing RSS feeds together.

Geekend in Ironbridge

Five go to Shropshire… well, a lot more than five, actually.

Matrix locations in Sydney

Follow in the footsteps of Neo.

Microformats gone wild

You can’t swing a cat without hitting a microformat these days.

Laid low

Joyous guitar.

Beautiful hackery

An API-driven text adventure, accessible train times and hackable URLs; oh, yes.

Taking back the Web

A grandiose title for a cosy unconference.

Comments on comments

Examining the results of the comment experiment.

Pictorial Ajaxitagging

Now with added Flickry goodness.

Naked lunch conversations

Some distinguished visitors come to Brighton.

Talking ‘bout microformats

The triple bill of talks went smoothly.

London calling

London yesterday, London tomorrow… I’ve turned into a commuter.

Opera in London

Despite some technical hitches, I gave a pretentious little talk.

The man in blue sees red

Flickr and Photoshop shenanigans at Web Directions South.

Melbourne calling

I gave a talk for the Web Standards Group in Melbourne.

Sydney to Melbourne

It’s time for me to expand my Australian horizons.

Wrapping up Web Directions South

Two thumbs up from me.

Halfway through Web Directions South

Day one is over, and what a day it was!

One talk down, one to go

Web Directions South 2006 is in full swing.

Web Directions South

Australia, here I come.

The comments of crowds

Comments are enabled… but with a twist.

Speaking at d.Construct

Happy happy, joy joy.


This is my honour roll: it was an honour to meet these people.

Fables of the dConstruction

A whirlwind weekend of geeky goodness in Brighton.

Simon and Paul

APIs are good for business.

d.Construct travel news

Bloody trains.

Inspecting Morse

Can’t stop the signal.

d.Construct events

A pre-conference booze-up, a mapping workshop, and a microformats picnic.

The unflappable Duke

A snapshot of life in the Clearleft office.

Werewolves of London

BarCamp London was a scream.

Microformats triple bill

Three microformateers at BarCamp London.

Virtual trainspotting

A mashup of trains and maps blows my mind at Barcamp.

Live from Barcamp London

I spent the day at Barcamp pointing a microphone into people’s faces.

Iteravely Upcoming

Softly, softly, designy website.

dConstructing the network

Microformatted social networking goodness for dConstruct.

A Scanner Darkly

The most faithful Philip K.Dick adaptation yet.


Send me an odeo.

API changes

Heads up. Flickr and have made some changes.


I’ve smeared some Ajaxy API calls all over my journal entries.


Some pictures I took are in the Daily Telegraph.

BarCamp London

A slumber party for geeks.

V for Vendetta

The film of the graphic novel.

Happy Birthday, WWW

Many happy returns.

Webstock podcast

I wrapped up some MP3s in a feed.


Technorati redesigns in a rigid kind of way.

September is the coolest month

A month of globe-spanning webucation.

Mixed signals

Design isn’t just about eye-candy. Bad design kills.

I’d like to buy the world an iPod

Noise annoys

Podcasting d.Construct 2006

I’m making my first foray into the world of podcasting.

The unpushed envelope

Isn’t it high time we started using CSS to its fullest?

For want of a nail…

…the kingdom was lost.

Mashing up with microformats

I’ve transcribed the text of the microformats panel I sat in on at South by Southwest.

Ajax workshop in NYC

Learn DOM Scripting and Ajax in the Big Apple.

Back from @media

Much fun was had.

Off to @media

I’m heading to London.

Podcasts and the Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is a handy place to store creative commons licensed audio files.

A tipping point for microformats

Something tiny this way comes.


Brighton misses Joe Clark.


I reflect on a design trend possibly started by Apple.


Yeah, right.


Reboot is over. It was fun.


I spoke at Reboot. A written version is now online.

Reboot 8, day 1, second part

The fun begins as the sun goes down.

Reboot 8, day 1, first part

A quick update from Copenhagen.


I’m off to Denmark for the Reboot conference.

That syncing feeling

I’ve been getting my emails, contacts and calendars in order.


The XTech 2006 conference provided plenty of food for thought.

The ugly American

Paul Graham…. wankah!

The Empire Moves House

Moving house, one lego spaceship at a time.


Before heading off to Amsterdam, I need to get all my worldly belongings into my new flat.

The waste (memory wastes)

Grant McLennan RIP

Helvetican crossing

I’m taking a trip down memory lane, Freiburg, Germany via Basel, Switzerland.

A quick theological question

Riddle me this.

How to Be a Web Design Underwear Pervert

The presentation by the two Andies has been brought into line with pending trademark applications.

Natural language hCard

You can use the hCard microformat in plain English sentences.

Print stylesheets

Some advice for presenting your content on the printed page.

Transcribing podcasts

Making podcasts accessible.

Bite Size Vitamin

Help yourself to a rich serving of web dev resources.


It’s weird repeatedly hearing your name when you’re trying to listen to podcasts.


Not a blogroll.

Adactio, pour homme

The perfume of the movie of the website… you read it here first.


Not everything is black and white.

Further comment

Following up on the comments controversy.


Holy shit!


Dustin Diaz has a lot to answer for.

When mashups attack

Starring George Clooney.

Upcoming webolution has added some nifty new features.

Prime yourself

Some tips for when (not if) you see the film Primer.

Simple Storage Service

Amazon’s newest web service has no face, but I think it’s got legs.

Darwinian webolution

Websites aren’t built; they’re grown.

Wordridden revisited

Jessica’s site has undergone a transformation.

Design, old and new

A panel at SXSW reminds me of one of the best non-web redesigns of recent times.

Talking about microformats

How a harmless mashup landed me a place on a panel at SXSW.

Gladwell in Gatwick

I become a fanboy in an airport.

A proper podcast for South by Southwest 2006

Jason Landry has rolled his own RSS feed for us.

Back from Austin

The whirlwind that is South by SouthWest is over.

Comments on community

Be careful what you wish for when you’re building social software: not all communities are beneficial.

Adactio Austin

Party like it’s SXSW06

< = >

Less is more.

Carson Summit Podcast

Ryan provided MP3s and I’ve wrapped them up in an RSS file.

A week in Munster

I’m back from Ireland and I bring pictures.

The green, green grass of home

I’m going to Ireland for a week.

Winding down

The last few days have been a whirlwind of geeky goodness.

Panel discussion at The Future Of Web Apps summit

Apparently, there’s going to be a big announcement from Feedburner.

Steffen Meschkat at The Future Of Web Apps summit

The Googleman talks Ajax.

Ryan Carson at The Future Of Web Apps summit

Ryan talks about Dropsend and building web apps on a budget.

Andrew Shorten at The Future Of Web Apps summit

The man from Adobe pimps Flex.

Shaun Inman at The Future Of Web Apps summit

The Wolf talks about minty APIs.

David Heinemeier Hansson at The Future Of Web Apps summit

The creator of Rails gets geeky.

Tom Coates at The Future Of Web Apps summit

The blogger recently acquired by Yahoo! talks about Web 2.0

Cal Henderson at The Future Of Web Apps summit

Cal talks about the lessons of Flickr.

Joshua Schachter at The Future Of Web Apps summit

A running commentary on the talk from the founder of

Buzzword Bingo

I’ve made a game to liven up any buzzword-laden conference.

Everything old is new again

I’ve switch CMSs for this site. It’s still home-rolled.

Four listless things

My sore throat has turned into a full-blown cold. My vulnerable immune system has left me susceptible to memes and, wouldn’tchya know it, I’ve gone and caught one from Rob and Steve.

Met so blue

It’s been a busy weekend here at Chez J&J. Following in the footsteps of fellow Canadians, Derek and Joe, Dave came to visit.

Backlash 2.0

Wintertime… and the coding ain’t easy. Sharks are jumping and the bubble is high.

Term extractor

There are a lot of little coding things I’d like to play around with. I have a whole Ta-da list of ideas to investigate and rummage through. Unfortunately, real life tends to get in the way, sucking away all my available time so that few, if any, of

By the time I get back from Phoenix

I’m back from Arizona and my nose is firmly pressed against the grindstone here in Brighton.

Faster, more intense

George Lucas is infamous for providing limited direction to his actors. His advice generally consists of: