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Christmas in Brighton

My first ever UK Christmas.

And debate goes on

Civilised discourse on icons and data formats.

Life streams and Jaiku

A few of the things I’ve been writing about recently come together.

Today on 24 Ways

Drew has published a little article by me on his advent calendar.


A hit parade of throwaway remarks.

The language of accessibility

The power of language and semantics.

Bienen fliegen

An awards ceremony that means a damn.


I feel like I’m in a Wim Wenders film.

Flash On The Beach: day two

Good stuff from start to finish.

Ajax On The Beach

My talk at Flash On The Beach is over.

Flash On The Beach: day one

Art, code and business on one bill.

Northwest passage

Think you can’t afford to come to Web Directions North? Think again.

Museum piece

A roundup of resources tangentially related to museums and semantics.