Archive: 2007



Hacky holidays on the iPod Touch


Hacky holidays on OS X

Lessons learned from installing Leopard.

Christmas trip

Flying away for yuletide.

Year zero

Smashing the CSS clock.


Burrowing into the BBC beta.


Watch this place.

Facebooked up

So icky.


Who is the nerdiest of them all?

Back to school

Speaking to our future overlords.


Oozing liquid goodness.

Brighton, mapped

Celebrating OpenStreetMap Brighton 1.0


Lego as a design tool.

BarCamp ends

Another great event wraps up.

BarCamp continues

Night of the werewolf.

BarCamp begins

The geeks do their thing.

Return to London town

BarCamp London 3: this time it’s personal.

Thatmedia Ajax

A brain-bending conference wraps up.

Local activity

Brighton to London.

Cascading calendars

Take my style sheet. Please.


Agreement and disagreement.

Design doing

The opposite of design thinking.


Long day’s journey into Brighton

Back from Berlin.

Berlin, day 4

Less expo, more Berlin.

Berlin, day 3

My speaking duties are fulfilled.

Berlin, day 2

A panel, a presentation and two minutes of Roy Orbison wrapped in clingfilm.

Berlin, day 1

Touristische sachen.

Berlin schedule

oh hai. i maded u a skejyool. kthxbai.


Can OpenSocial enable portable social networks?

Silent witness

Pattern recognition in the films of Ridley Scott.

The crawling dead

Fresh blood on Halloween.

Return from San Francisco

I had a blast… as always.

Voices that natter

Presentation: done. Conference: done.

Tiki connection

Life imitating Web.

Closed open data

When is an hCard not an hCard?

Neighbourhood watch

Crimefightin’ ‘n Bright’n.

Week away

In San Francisco.

Ignorance and inspiration

Banishing the moaners and whingers with a healthy dose of amazing videos.

Semantic brevity

Make microformats work with your writing style.

The password anti-pattern

It’s time we took a stand: let’s stop teaching people how to be phished.


Read it in the voice of the comic book guy from The Simpsons.

Community service

Reporting on some vibrant communities in Spain, in Brighton and on the Web.

Lock up your data

It’s 10pm. Do you know where your data is?

Web Fundamentals

Speaking and listening at Fundamentos Web 2007.


Next stop: Asturias.

Microsoft in London

A morning of otherworldly presentations from Steve Balmer and others.

Kung Shui

Ajax and accessibility; a presentation transcribed.


Progressive disclosure with hCard and OpenID.


There’s something about Tumblr I like.


MP3 - DRM = good for you and good for me.

Weak signal

A street sign vindicates my hatred of badly-designed pedestrian crossings.

Wii: The Opera

The operatic saga of the Wii cycle.

Parroting Pareto

Where the 80/20 principle breaks down.

Breaking boxes with Brian

Cardboard box demolition.

Brighton daze

dConstruct plus BarCamp.

D minus one

24 hours to dConstruct 2007.


I am dConsiderably nervous and excited.

She car go

A great conference in a great city.

Illinois apart

I’m going across the Atlantic again.

Location, location, location

Information wants to be geostamped.


What looks good on the menu for South By Southwest 2008?

Hot topics transcribed

For your reading and/or listening pleasure.


Frameworks have their place… but that place probably isn’t on the Web.


Backing up my position on blog comments with some quotes.


Balancing my time between activism and just being me makes me a complacent zealot.

Apple doesn’t get the Web

The double meaning is deliberate.


Brian Oberkirch is working overtime.


Go forth and coin.


A new bookmarklet for inspecting your DOM.

Big time

I get back from New York and Google makes a big microformats announcement.


I got my laptop back just in the nick of time.


Moo stickers are here.


OpenID and microformats, two great flavours that taste great together.

Ticked off with Apple

My Macbook sounds like a timebomb.

Grab your place at dConstruct

Tickets are about to go on sale.

Typing up

Calculating vertical rhythm and horizontal alignment.

Charlie Romeo Alpha Zebra Yankee

Never a dull moment.

Call and response

A brief email exchange.


Not Twitter.

Mashing up microformats

Embedding one little thing inside another little thing.

Brighton R0x0r

A new website highlights why I love this town.

Feed reading

Trying to find the sweet spot for RSS.

Social networking

Let me count the ways.

Talking with the BBC about microformats

Sounds like a Billy Bragg album.

The final frontier

Watch the skies.


How a vague idea turned into reality thanks to an amazing team of hackers.

Hacked and slain

Hackday London is over.


The hackclock is ticking.


Hackery, Werewolf and The Doctor.


Thunder and lightning, very very frightening me, Galileo.

Herding Hackcats

Hackday London is underway.

Help me at Hackday

Coming to Hackday this weekend? Here’s my plan.


Some people’s names lie on the lesser side of the 80/20 ratio.

That media

Wrapping up the London leg of @media.

Settling down

Another day, another conference… but this one’s close to home.


Reboot 9.0 is Soylent Green.

Reboot slides

If it’s Thursday, it must be Copenhagen.

@media San Francisco 2007

Raising the standard for talking about standards.

South Parking

In which I spend a day in the epicentre of geekdom.

Sliding away

Before I head off for my next presentation, here are some slides I prepared earlier.

Microformats 1:01—Exporting microformats via bluetooth

A microformats video lasting one minute and one second.

XTech 2007, day three

Short but very sweet.

Further reading on the nanotechnology of the semantic web

Docs, books, people and technologies.

XTech 2007, day one

My presentation is done.

XTech 2007, day zero

If it’s Tuesday, it must be Paris.

Redesigns a go-go

Suddenly everybody is spring cleaning their websites.

The good book

One laptop lid closes, another lid opens.

POSH Patterns

Not everything has to be a microformat.

The Dunbar number of the beast

My invisible friend has a bigger Dunbar number than your invisible friend.

Identity and authority

Trust is not an algorithm.

Web 2.0 Expover

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.


Last night in San Francisco.

Hybrid Design and the Beauty of Standards

Hypertext footnotes from my appearances at the Web 2.0 Expo.

Fake tales of San Francisco

The biggest small town in the West.


I’m going to San Francisco.


A gift from another time and place.

Conceptual and photographic art in Brighton

An SMS-based adventure game plus an exhibition by our local Flickrstar.

Machine Tags of Loving Grace

Revish sets the tagging machinery in motion.

Further flung reading

Links from a keynote.

Flung and refreshed

I’m back from Edinburgh.

Ghost in the Machine Tags

You can now associate Flickr pics with my posts.

You take the high road…

I’m going over Hadrian’s wall.


Shock and anger.

Twitter… again

Even if you don’t like it, let us have our fun.

Typography at South by Southwest

Type sets the tone.

Socialising at South by Southwest

The best bit.

Speaking at South by Southwest

Cheekiness and gravitas in equal amounts.

Storytelling at South by Southwest

Never mind the technology, it’s all about people.


It’s that time of year again: South by Southwest is almost upon us.

Watching the stream

This life stream idea has legs. Also: why Yahoo Pipes and Ning won’t be duking it out.

The diversity division

The diversity debate is back.

Casting about

I’ve been contributing to a few podcasts.

Print matters

Things to have and to hold.

The Future of Web Apps, day two

A running commentary of the fun at FOWA.

The Future of Web Apps, day one

I’m back in London for a conference that means business.

Wrapping up BarCamp London 2

Day two of the unconference.

Night of the werewolf

A good day at BarCamp descends into a night of slaughter.

BarCamp London 2: The Schedule

Get the line-up in hCalendar.


BarCamp London 2: electric boogaloo.

Buddy icons

I’m a portrait taker, twisted portrait taker.


The film of the typeface.


Clearleft has a YouTube star.

I’d twit that

Love it or hate it but you’ve got to have an opinion on Twitter.

Gillian McKeith is not a doctor

Bless the Bad Science column.

Après Web Directions North

A great conference with the best post-conference activities ev-ah!

Web Directions North, day two

What a conference!

Web Directions North, day one

Good talks, good people.

Web Directions North, day zero

I’m acclimatising to the time zone.

Vancouver mover

I’m off to Canada for Web Directions North.

Fun with type

Juvenile high-jinks in the Clearleft office.

The Web 2.0 show

Take the test.

The tyranny of mouseover

Those bloody previews need to die a snappy death.

Do the right semantic thing

A new site looks like a golden opportunity for vote-links.

Map games

Look to the skies.

Whither Twitter?

Why bother? What’s the point?

Explaining Ajax, transcribed

Bringing it all back home

Brighton will be the location for a Salter Cane concert and an Ajax workshop.

Announcing Bulletproof Ajax

Begin the countdown to the book launch.

The Best Songs I Acquired in 2006 Ever

Following Richard’s lead.

Five things you may not know about Jeremy Keith

Let’s see if I’ve got the hang of this meme.

iPhone, uPhone, we all scream for iPhone

Linkage to other people’s thoughts on Apple’s latest gadget.

New Year’s Resolution

Liquid layouts… no, wait, come back!

A brief word

Abbreviations are written, not spoken.

Time and motion

My movements in a year.