Journal archive: January, 2007


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The Web 2.0 show

Take the test.

The tyranny of mouseover

Those bloody previews need to die a snappy death.

Do the right semantic thing

A new site looks like a golden opportunity for vote-links.

Map games

Look to the skies.

Whither Twitter?

Why bother? What’s the point?

Explaining Ajax, transcribed

Bringing it all back home

Brighton will be the location for a Salter Cane concert and an Ajax workshop.

Announcing Bulletproof Ajax

Begin the countdown to the book launch.

The Best Songs I Acquired in 2006 Ever

Following Richard’s lead.

Five things you may not know about Jeremy Keith

Let’s see if I’ve got the hang of this meme.

iPhone, uPhone, we all scream for iPhone

Linkage to other people’s thoughts on Apple’s latest gadget.

New Year’s Resolution

Liquid layouts… no, wait, come back!

A brief word

Abbreviations are written, not spoken.

Time and motion

My movements in a year.