Archive: 2010



Twenty Ten

The year that was.

Tweaking Huffduffer

An oEmbed nip here, a responsive design tuck there.

Home-grown and Delicious

The Pembertonisation of my bookmarks: I’m hosting my own.

One web

Let’s get together and feel alright.

Postscript to Space

I miss Arthur C. Clarke.

A brief list of false dichotomies

Liquid vs. fixed has been omitted. We regret the error.


An advent calendar for fonts, complete with responsive layout.


Turning NASA transcripts into hypertext jewels.

Pattern praise

Twitter and Flickr do the right thing, rejecting the password anti-pattern.


My project at Science Hack Day San Francisco


Publish or be damned.


Commentary on a Layer Tennis match.


Music to build websites to.

Super-Toys Last All Summer Long

Some observations on the iPad.


A transcript courtesy of Twitter.

Speaking and moving

From the lowlands of Holland to the coast of California.


Who’s on first?

Sea change

Oh, the humanity!

Responsive enhancement

A responsive refresh of that takes progressive enhancement to the next level.

Responsive refresh

Giving the UX London site some extra flexibility.

Delivering Sorrow

The new Salter Cane album is available for your listening pleasure.


Sound and vision.

A responsive mind

Responsive web design is about more than just media queries.

Continuous partial annoyance

It’s not you, Twitter, it’s me.


A robot visits Brighton in the 1930s.

JavaScript jamboree

Whacky and wonderful JavaScript experiments.

OAuthypocrisy and the Passwordpocalypse

The hypocrisy of Twitter’s OAuthcalypse.

dConstruct 2010

I have seen the finest minds of my generation …in the Brighton Dome.

Team meme

I’m with Team Sharkjumper.

TeuxDeux Part Deux

My favourite to-do list app gets an update.


Listen to this.

Scandinavian sojourn

Keynoting at Drupalcon.

Slight return

Back in blog.


A spec by any other name would smell as sweet.

Hypertext history

A-wwilfing we will go…

Facing the future

Our civilisation needs to hit Ctrl+S.

Ship talk

A distributed online conversation.

Analogue Inception

The power of dreams.


Remember, remember, the third of September.

Unboxing Apart

That “new book” smell.

Wait. They don’t love you like I love you.


The Adoption of Adaptation

The times, they are a-changin’.


Friday on my mind.

Making Science Hack Day happen

If I can do it, so can you.


Such a little word.


From Web Directions @media to Science Hack Day.

Tools of a different trade

Call yourself a web designer?


I know kung-fu. Where by kung-fu, I mean scribbling.

Awe Dee Oh

HTML5 and Flash, sitting in a tree.


Minimal GPS navigation.

A site for Science Hack Day

A bit of HTML5 and a slap of CSS3 …for science!

The Big Web Show 2: HTML5 Boogaloo

It’s big. It’s on the web. It’s a show. It’s The Big Web Show.

The format of The Long Now

Betting on HTML.

Debatable act

Speaking against the Digital Economy Act.

Announcing HTML5 For Web Designers

I’ve only gone and written another bloody book.


Read what Ben Ward has written.


There is nothing in this world more bitter than Spring.

Spam of the Gods

Greetings, I write you as a humble spacefaring probe…

Science hack space

The Guardian building is the perfect venue.


Aural synchronicity on the journey to Londinium.

Science hack date, science hack place

We have a place and a date for Science Hack Day.

Virtually speaking

You kind of had to not be there.

Article of doubt

Once again, the data shows confusion between sections and articles in HTML5.

Seattle Apart

Another excellent event apart.

Next month in HTML5

Join me at one of these locations.

Calling all scientists

Your wiki needs you.

Beautiful truth

I want you to read something.

Get excited and make things with science

We should have a Science Hack Day.

South by Twenty Ten

It’s that time of year again.


Let’s lynch the landlord.

Testing Huffduffer’s sign-up

Luke W. puts his research where his enthusiasm is.


Three ages of lunacy.

The iPad and the web

I, for one, welcome our non-hackable ubicomp devices.


Making the case for getting to UX London.


Da-da da-daaaa.

The audio of place

There is no “there” there.

Making Workshops for the Web

Behind the scenes of the latest Clearleft site.

HTML5 business as usual

Quit yer bitchin’


Read Write Huffduff Screencast Web

Safari askew

A problem with the Top Sites feature in Apple’s browser.

That was the year, that was

Obligatory New Year’s post.