Journal archive: 2014



It’s the end of the year as we know it.

And I feel…

The Session trad tune machine

Hardware hacking for traditional Irish music.

Responsible Web Components

Extending the wheel, instead of reinventing it.


A collaboration between Clearleft and the Wellcome Trust.

Commons People

The tragicomedy of the creative commons.


For all its flaws, Interstellar is boldly brilliant.


What the web is(n’t).


Reports of the death of the personal site has been greatly exaggerated.

Just what is it that you want to do?

Progressive, not regressive, enhancement.

Be progressive

Progressive enhancement, developer convenience, and isomorphic JavaScript.

A question of markup

Choosing the right HTML elements: why bother?

Indie web building blocks

Small pieces, loosely stacked.

Stupid brain

Brain betrayal in Brooklyn.

Celebrating CSS

Here’s to the next twenty years.


What I did at Science Hack Day San Francisco.

When Jeremy met Jason

Presentation Inception. BWAAAAAAAMP!

Polyfills and products

Trying to write long-lasting code when you’re working in an agency.

On tour

Thank you, Europe. Next stop, America.

Other days, other voices

The power of the spoken word, recorded.

Indie Web Camp UK 2014

A productive weekend.

Web Components

Hopes and fears.

dConstruct 2014

Important. Serious. Rewarding. Inspiring.

This week in Brighton

Reasons To Be Creative, Dots, Improving Reality, Indie Web Camp, Maker Faire, Laser Synths, and of course, dConstruct.

Georgina Voss at dConstruct

Jen Lowe can’t make it (alas!) but Georgina Voss has saved the day (yay!).

Security for all

I want the web to be delivered over https:// but we might be in for a rough period of transition.

Anab Jain at dConstruct

The line-up for this year’s dConstruct just gets better and better.

Code refactoring for America

Committing CSS heresy for more maintainable markup.


A pair of responsive design events in London.

dConstruct 2014 schedule

A day of brilliant talks from start to finish—guaranteed!


Replicating my URL structure on Twitter.

Indie Web Camp Brighton

Right after dConstruct.

Overcast and Huffduffer

Two great tastes that go great together.

Cory Doctorow at dConstruct 2014

The wheel turns full circle.

The tide

Living in a world that feels wrong.

For Chloe

Donations in her memory.



A new website for dConstruct 2014

A handsome redesign with a touch of playfulness.


Responsive Day Out 2: The Squishening

Responsive Day Out activities

Welcome to Brighton.

The telescope in the woods

A trip to the Baldone Schmidt telescope in Latvia.

Responsive Day Out 2: The Scheduling

Everything you need to know about your trip to the seaside.


The Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory still holds true.

Notes from a small website

Posting to Twitter from

The more the merrier at Responsive Day Out 2

Did you miss out on getting a ticket? It’s not too late!

Ten years of dConstruct

This year’s event will mark a decade of dConstruct. Don’t miss it.

Selfish publishing

It’s not you, it’s me.

dConstruct tickets

Not long now.


There is a crack, a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.

Talking and travelling

Boston to Austin to Baltimore to San Diego.

URLy warning

Chrome is testing a new way to burn the village in order to save it.


Whither Google Analytics and Do Not Track?

Huffduff up and up

Some numbers behind the audio.

Announcing dConstruct 2014

Living With The Network


Deeper linking for deeper thinking.

Higher standards

Fighting for the web.

The tragedy of the commons

Digital destruction courtesy of the Brooklyn Museum.

Connections #2

Come along to chat about organisational stuff’n’shit.

dConstruct 2013 videos

Relive the magic of the world’s finest conference.


It’s a wide, wide web.

24 hours to go

Grab your ticket for Responsive Day Out 2 tomorrow.

Notes from the edge

Thoughts prompted by the Edge Conference in London.

9,125 days later

219,000 hours of wonder.

Return of the Responsive Day Out

It’s baaa-ack!

Making progress

A simple little pattern for form submissions.

Brighton workshops

Seb and Remy will be dropping knowledge bombs.

Async, Ajax, and animation

Hijax, Youjax, we all jax for Pjax.


The web is not a platform.

Cake for America

Code for America. Cake for Anna.

Launching for America

The new Code for America website is live. That was quick!

Climbing Mount Responsive

Three days in Munich.

Workshoppers of the world

Divide and take over.


Alt text for sheet music.

Connections: Weak Signals

Popping the Connections cherry in style at 68 Middle Street.


The web is its own award.


Brainstorming a markup pattern.

The complexity of HTML

The simplicity of HTML.

Communication for America

Transatlantic client calls.

Pattern sharing

The front-end style guide for Code for America.

Coding for America

Fuck yeah!


Thinky, thinky, talky, talky.

Hackfarming Tiny Planner

Hold me closer.


Churn on, Chüne in, chrop out.

Writing from home

Personal publishing.

Playing TAG

A meet’n’greet with the W3C’s Technical Architecture Group.

New year

Much like the old year.