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A CSS fix for sluggish tap responses on mobile.

Pseudo and pseudon’t

Pseu-pseu-pseudo classes

Shadows and smoke

Namen sind Schall und Rauch.

Where to start?

Fallbacks and enhancements are fundamentally different things.

A year of learning

Educating Charlotte.

Cache-limiting in Service Workers …again

Trying to figure out which event to use as a trigger.

Metadata markup

So many standards to choose from.


The latest Clearleft internship project has just come to an end. It’s been truly inspiring.

Cache-limiting in Service Workers

This should work in theory. It doesn’t work in practice.

Brighton device lab

You should come by the Clearleft office and test your website on many many devices.

Full Meaning Ampersand

Brighton has been positively bursting with excellent events lately.

Home screen

The web is getting progressively enhanced.

My first Service Worker

Enhancing my site with the niftiest new technology.


I’m Brighton’s Craig Newmark, apparently.


Defeating the inner critic with narrative trickery.


Why is it more nerve-wracking to speak to a small group of people you know than a large group of strangers?

Syndicating to Medium

POSSE: Publish (on your) Own Site, Syndicate Elsewhere.

Mind set

Trying to see the other point of view.

Someone will read this

Haunted by a hyperlink.

Rosa and Dot

Finding Ada …right here in Brighton.

AMPed up

First impressions of Google’s RSS killer …no wait, they already killed RSS.

Links from a talk

Further reading related to my talk at An Event Apart Austin.

Far afield

What a day! What a lovely Responsive Field Day!

Slight return

Delving back into my own chronology.

Brighton in September

The digital festival is in full swing.

Ice cold in Copenhagen

A trip to Denmark for the Coldfront conference.

dConstruct 2015 podcast: Nick Foster

From Derbyshire to design fiction.

Whatever works for you

There are many ways to style a cat.

dConstruct 2015 podcast: Brian David Johnson

Robots, robots, robots, robots.

Building the dConstruct 2015 site

Hats off to Graham.

Recently speculative

Some recent sci-fi books I’ve read and recommend.

dConstruct 2015 podcast: Carla Diana

Robots, smart objects, 3D printing, and teaching design.

dConstruct 2015 podcast: John Willshire

Michael Caine in the Fortress of Solitude.

dConstruct 2015 podcast: Chriss Noessel

So much geekiness in one podcast episode.

dConstruct 2015 podcast: Ingrid Burrington

Time travel, terminators, and network infrastructure.

Brighton Homebrew Website Club

Come along to the inaugural meetup in our treehouse.

dConstruct 2015 podcast: Josh Clark

Chatting about magic and technology.

Podcasting the future

I’m doing a podcast series in the run-up to this year’s dConstruct.

Salt of the Earth

Days of space and salt.

Video video

Relive Responsive Day Out 3 in the form of moving images

On The Verge

Verging on the ridiculous.


The best writer on the web.

Indie Web Camp Brighton 2015

A thoroughly enjoyable weekend with a lovely group of people.

100 × 100

Writing about writing.


How low can you go?

100 words 100

Day one hundred.

Edge words

Talking about progressive enhancement without talking about progressive enhancement.

100 words 099

Day ninety nine.

100 words 098

Day ninety eight.

100 words 097

Day ninety seven.

100 word 096

Day ninety six.

100 words 095

Day ninety five.

100 words 094

Day ninety four.

100 words 093

Day ninety three.

100 words 092

Day ninety two.

What a day out! What a lovely responsive day out!

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

100 words 091

Day ninety one.

100 words 090

Day ninety.

100 words 089

Day eighty nine.

100 words 088

Day eighty eight.

100 words 087

Day eighty seven.

100 words 086

Day eighty six.

100 words 085

Day eighty five.

100 words 084

Day eighty four.

100 words 083

Day eighty three.

100 words 082

Day eighty two.

100 words 081

Day eighty one.

100 words 080

Day eighty.

100 words 079

Day seventy nine.

100 words 078

Day seventy eight.

100 words 077

Day seventy seven.

100 words 076

Day seventy six.

100 words 075

Day seventy five.

100 words 074

Day seventy four.

100 words 073

Day seventy three.

100 words 072

Day seventy two.

100 words 071

Day seventy one.

Indie Web Camp Brighton 2015

Save the dates: July 11th-12th.

100 words 070

Day seventy.

100 words 069

Day sixty nine.

100 words 068

Day sixty eight.

100 words 067

Day sixty seven.

Web! What is it good for?

Not absolutely nothing, but not absolutely everything either.

100 words 066

Day sixty six.

100 words 065

Day sixty five.

Responsive Day Out 3: The Final Schedule

Oh, what a lovely day!

100 words 064

Day sixty four.

100 words 063

Day sixty three.

100 words 062

Day sixty two.

100 words 061

Day sixty one.

Browser testing

What we talk about when we talk about support.

100 words 060

Day sixty.

100 words 059

Day fifty nine.


Poor performance.

100 words 058

Day fifty eight.

100 words 057

Day fifty seven.

100 words 056

Day fifty six.

100 words 055

Day fifty five.

This is for everyone with a certificate

The browser beatings will continue until morale improves.

100 words 054

Day fifty four.

100 words 053

Day fifty three.

100 words 052

Day fifty two.

Small independent pieces, loosely joined

Lessons learned from Indie Web Camp Germany.

100 words 051

Day fifty one.

100 words 050

Day fifty.

100 words 049

Day forty nine.

100 words 048

Day forty eight.

100 words 047

Day forty seven.

100 words 046

Day forty six.

100 words 045

Day forty five plus one.

100 words 044

Day forty four.

100 words 043

Day forty three.

100 words 042

Day forty two.

100 words 041

Day forty one.

100 words 040

Day forty.

100 words 039

Day thirty nine.

100 words 038

Day thirty eight.

100 words 037

Day thirty seven.

100 words 036

Day thirty six.

The shape of Responsive Day Out 3: The Final Breakpoint

Bringing the conference series to a close with a bang!

100 words 035

Day thirty five.



100 words 034

Day thirty four.

100 words 033

Day thirty three


Linting for BEM.

100 words 032

Day thirty two.

100 words 031

Day thirty one.

Complete line-up for Responsive Day Out 3

Lyza is speaking! Squee!

100 words 030

Day thirty.

100 words 029

Day twenty nine.

100 words 028

Day twenty eight.

100 words 027

Day twenty seven.

100 words 026

Day twenty six.

100 words 025

Day twenty five.

100 words 024

Day twenty four.


Judicious hope.

100 words 023

Day twenty three.

100 words 022

Day twenty two.

100 words 021

Day twenty one.


I put this moment over here.

Forgetting again

The most pernicious of falsehoods is the idea that the internet never forgets.

100 words 020

Day twenty.

100 words 019

Day nineteen.

100 words 018

Day eighteen.

100 words 017

Day seventeen.

100 words 016

Day sixteen.

100 words 015

Day fifteen.

100 words 014

Day fourteen.

100 words 013

Day thirteen.

100 words 012

Day twelve.

100 words 011

Day eleven.

100 words 010

Day ten.

100 words 009

Day nine.

100 words 008

Day eight.

100 words 007

Day seven.

100 words 006

Day six.

100 words 005

Day five.

100 words 004

Day four.

100 words 003

Day three.

100 words 002

Day two.

100 words 001

Day one.

Codebar Brighton

Ongoing events in Brighton.

Star wheels

I have a bad feeling about this.

Inlining critical CSS for first-time visits

Using Grunt, Apache, and PHP with Twig templates.

Huffduffing video

Now you can grab the audio from YouTube and Vimeo videos for your huffduffing pleasure.

Responsive Day Out tickets tomorrow

24 hours ‘till tickets go on sale.

Cerf rocks

Long-term thinking for digital storage.

Tickets for the last Responsive Day Out

Get ready to pounce on March 3rd.

Ordinary plenty

Preserving the habitual, the banal.

Hackfarming Blood Buddies

We went into the countryside and we made a thing.


A difference of opinion regarding what the core features of custom elements should be.

A question of timing

Incrementally improving the perceived performance of Ajax interactions.

Angular momentum

Assume a perfectly spherical web browser…

Lining up Responsive Day Out 3

Two-thirds of the way there.


I’m going to Japan!

Events in 2015

Keep June 19th free in your diary.


Doing the right thing.


Podcast. You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.