Journal archive: 2017



Audio I listened to in 2017

Twelve podcast episodes I huffduffed.

Books I read in 2017

An equal mix of fiction and non-fiction.

The Last Jedi

Star Wars Episode VIII

Ubiquity and consistency

Under-engineering, over-engineering, wombling free.

Origin story

Did you know that the World Wide Web has fifty words for document?


What’s the score?


Return to Fury Road

An associative trail

Intertwingled hyperlinks.

Hooked and booked

Is A/B testing a gateway to dark patterns?

Brighton conferences

Two weeks, four conferences.

What is a Progressive Web App?

Defining the damn thing.

Installing Progressive Web Apps

Trying to get the balance right between discoverability and intrusiveness.

The dConstruct Audio Archive works offline

Now you can save audio files for later listening.

Speak and repeat

The lifecycle of a conference talk.

The meaning of AMP

Google’s alternative facts.

Pattern Libraries, Performance, and Progressive Web Apps

You should hire Clearleft for these front-end development skills.


Instagram and Swarm are on notice.


Taxi Driver meets The Hunt For Red October.


Kicking off the Mozilla Developer Roadshow.

Sonic sparklines

Silly sounds.

Problem space

It’s all about the people, people.

Brian Aldiss

1925 - 2017

60 seconds over Idaho


Unacceptable usage

Shopify should dropify Breitbart.

Material 2017

An excellent day of inspiration in Iceland.


I dislike your manifestbro, let’s put it to the test-o.

Posting to my site

The I/O of


Expose the connections.

Putting on a conference

Organising Patterns Day.

Container queries

Houdini to the rescue?

The magical and the mundane

Any sufficiently advanced technology is a tiny pony.



Patterns Day videos

The first video is online for your enjoyment.


When I hear the phrase “I reach for my revolver”, I reach for my red pen.

Patterns Day

What a day! What a lovely Patterns Day!

Progressing the web

Don’t let the name distract you—progressive web apps are for everyone.

One week to Patterns Day

This is the email I just sent out to all the attendees.

The schedule for Patterns Day

Just look at that line-up!

Talking with the tall man about poetry

Chatting with Jeff Veen about the art and science of web design.

eLife goes live

Collaborating on a pattern library.

Month maps

Visualising activity over time.


Kim Stanley Robinson’s tour-de-force.

Checking in at Indie Web Camp Nuremberg

Posting from Swarm to my own site.

A workshop on evaluating technology

A framework for choosing your web toolkit.

Going offline at Indie Web Camp Düsseldorf

Making a better offline page.

Sponsoring Patterns Day

The only way left to get hold of tickets for the event.

A minority report on artificial intelligence

Revisiting Spielberg’s films after a decade and a half.

Patterns Day speakers

The line-up is now complete.

Styling the Patterns Day site

A few days in Gridlandia.

Designing the Patterns Day site

A design exercise for the Clearleft UI designers.

Announcing Patterns Day: June 30th

A one-day event in Brighton dedicated to design systems, pattern libraries, and style guides.

Getting griddy with it

CSS Grid Layout is so hot right now.


Mixing today’s practicalities with yesterday’s building blocks.

Open source

The lows are low, but the highs are high.

Code (p)reviews

Just what is it that I do, anyway?

Writing on the web

Thank you, writers.

Progressive Web App questions

Four answers.

In AMP we trust

But AMP doesn’t trust us.

Empire State

Non-humans of New York.

Small steps

Making marginal gains in front-end performance.

Long betting

Over halfway there.

Variable fonts

The future of typography is here.


A new partnership.

Teaching in Porto, day five

Friday: self-directed learning.

Teaching in Porto, day four

Thursday: putting it all together.

Teaching in Porto, day three

Wednesday: interaction design.

Teaching in Porto, day two

Tuesday: designing from the content out.

Teaching in Porto, day one

Monday: how the web works.

From New York to Porto

From FOMO to imposter syndrome in a fortnight.

Audio book

Resilient Web Design, the podcast.


Bidding farewell.

Looking beyond launch

We’ll fix it in post.

Making Resilient Web Design work offline

The service worker strategy for a web book.

Going rogue

The only way is ethics.


Inner space, outer space.

Vertical limit

The headache of an inconsistent viewport.

2016 reading list

Trying to keep track of what I read.

Twenty sixteen

The year gone by.