Journal archive: 2022



2022 in numbers

One year on, complete with sparklines.

Words I wrote in 2022

A handpicked selection of blog posts.

Music in 2022

It was all about the sessions.

Books I read in 2022

Mostly (science) fiction this year.

An Event Apart

It was for people who make websites. It was also very special.

Leading Design San Francisco 2023

I’ll be hosting the event and I’d love to see you there!


I’m going to miss my friend.

Tweaking navigation labelling

Is it okay if URLs and labels are out of sync?

Links for Declarative Design

Categorised hyperlinks that have been condensed into my new talk for An Event Apart.

UX London 2023

It’s back! And if you hurry, you can grab a super early-bird ticket now.

Tweaking navigation sizing

Sometimes a consistent interface doesn’t reflect the reality of usage.


The dream of the 2000s is alive on the web.

That fediverse feeling

Mastodon is a vibe shift in the best possible way.

Syndicating to Mastodon

Posting notes from my own website to my Mastodon account.

Artemis rising

Witnessing a rocket launch at night from a hundred miles away.

Negativity bias

The View Transitions API glass is way more full than it is empty.

Time for transitions

The View Transitions API (formerly Shared Element Transitions) could be the best or worst thing to happen to the web in years.

Do You Like Rock Music?

A little story of three Brighton bands.

Overloading buttons

Can you have too much semantics?


The difference between hosting a conference and speaking at a conference.

In person

dConstruct, Web Dev Conf, and State Of The Browser.


Inside me there are two wolves. They’re both JavaScript.


The curse of knowledge of cryptobollocks.

The audio from dConstruct 2022

Have a listen on the dConstruct Archive.

Supporting logical properties

Using the CSS trinity of feature queries, logical properties, and unset.

Design systems thinking

Do you have a design system or do you have a design analytical?

Accessibility is systemic

The difference between inclusive design and accessibility.

Let’s get logical

Let me hear your blocky talk.

That was dConstruct 2022

The last ever dConstruct.


A day of idleness.

One day to dConstruct

Twenny twenny twenny four hours to go-oh-oh!

dConstruct update

There’s a change to the line-up. We’re going to have twice the Sebs.

Work ethics

Don’t work hard.

The schedule for dConstruct 2022

Here’s how the day will play out—you won’t want to miss it!

No code

Serious business or tools for online expression?

Alternative stylesheets

Why do browsers that don’t implement stylesheet switching still download alternative stylesheets?

Democratising dev

How do we share the means of the web’s production?

Directory enquiries

The tyranny of search.

The line-up for dConstruct 2022 …revealed!

Eight fantastic people who are going to provoke, entertain, and stimulate you.


Trying to understand a different mindset to mine.


Temperature and music.

Subscribing to newsletters

But not like that.

The line-up for dConstruct 2022

Shall we play a game? If you’re first to figure out the line-up, you get a free ticket.


Have negative result, will travel.

Two books

A Ghost In The Throat and No One Is Talking About This.


Missing out on the event I curated.

On reading

Words on screens. Words on paper.

Talking about style

The transcript of a talk.


It was inevitable really.


Making Keynote files with no fonts.

CSS Day 2022

Excellent as always.

Declarative design systems

Is your design system really a system …or is it more like a collection of components?

Re-evaluating technology

The importance of revisiting past decisions. Especially when it comes to the web.

dConstruct 2022 is happening!

September 9th at the Duke of York’s in Brighton—be there!

Alt writing

Aiming for originality and creativity in alt text.

Pace layers and design principles

I suppose it was inevitable that I would smush these two things together.

The complete line-up for UX London

Emma Parnell, Videha Sharma, Amir Ansari, John Bevan, Alastair Somerville and Trenton Moss complete the roster.

Situational awereness

Going out is still a risk, but one I’m willing to take more and more.

UX London should be your off-site

Your team deserves some fun in the sun at the end of June.

Image previews with the FileReader API

Adding `alt` text to uploaded images.

Agile design principles

I like your manifesto, let’s put it to the test-o.

Even more UX London speaker updates

Irina Rusakova, Cennydd Bowles, Chris How, Lou Downe, and Giles Turnbull.


Also, tipblogging.


Responses to my thoughts on why developers would trust third-party code more than a native browser feature.


I’m trying to understand why developers would trust third-party code more than a native browser feature.

Speaking at CSS Day 2022

I’ve prepared some links to go with the talk.

TEDxBrighton 2022

A great day at the Brighton Dome (only slightly marred by some cryptobollocks).

More UX London speaker updates

Aleks Melnikova, Stephanie Marsh, Kat Zhou, Sarah Winters, and Adekunle Oduye.

Upcoming events

A return to in-person gatherings in Düsseldorf, Leeds, Amsterdam, Bristol and London.

Declarative design

Defining the inputs instead of trying to control the outputs.


Nice URIs don’t change.

Starting and finishing

Some advice for public speaking.

UX London speaker updates

Steph Troeth, Heldiney Pereira, Lauren Pope, Laura Yarrow, and Inayaili León.


Leading Design New York, Design It Build It Edinburgh, and UX Camp Brighton.

Hosting Leading Design New York

A humbling experience at an excellent conference.

Going to New York

I’ll be hosting the Leading Design conference next week—exciting!

When should there be a declarative version of a JavaScript API?

If the JavaScript API requires a user gesture, maybe it’s time for a new button type.

Web notifications on iOS

The number one feature request I have for mobile Safari is web notifications (even if I won’t personally use them).

A bug with progressive web apps on iOS

Opening an external link in a web view appears to trigger a reload of the parent page without credentials.

Both plagues on your one house

February, man.

Curating UX London 2022

Crafting a three-day conference line-up.


Losing an eleven year bet.

Announcing UX London 2022

The digital design festival is back—live and in-person!

Fonts or food?

A quiz.


My response to the Competition and Markets Authority’s mobile ecosystems market study interim report.


Filing an issue for the lazy web. Somebody build this!

Installing progressive web apps

How I’m letting people know they can install The Session to their home screens.

Partnering with Google on

How Clearleft worked with the Chrome team to create a fifteen-part course on modern responsive design.

Media queries with display-mode

I never would’ve known about the `display-mode` media feature if I hadn’t been writing about it.

Today, the distant future

2022 was once unimaginable to some web folks.


A look back at another strange year.